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Volume 15, 2005

Last updated on January 31, 2006

2005 Legislative Studies and Staff Assignments

2005 Reconvened Session

Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Awards Committee

Commission on Unemployment Compensation

Commission on Electric Utility Restructuring

Freedom of Information Advisory Council

HJR 6: Virginia Public Records Act and Electronic Records

HJR 105: Joint Subcommittee Studying the Level of the Commonwealth's Assistance to Localities Necessary for Developing Adequate K-12 School Infrastructure

HJR 185: U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee

HJR 551: Joint Subcommittee Studying Reduction of Highway Noise Abatement Costs

HJR 588: Medical, Ethical, and Scientific Issues Relating to Stem Cell Research Conducted in the Commonwealth

HJR 640: Joint Subcommittee to Study Options to Provide a Long-Term Funding Source to Clean Up Virginia's Polluted Waters, Including the Chesapeake Bay and its Tributaries

HJR 656: Joint Subcommittee Studying Taxes, Fees, and Assessments that Generate Little Revenue

HJR 685: Joint Subcommittee to Study Private Youth and Single-Family Group Homes in the Commonwealth

HJR 707: Joint Subcommittee Studying the Balance of Power Between Legislative and Executive Branches

HJR 710/SJR 382: Joint Subcommittee to Plan and Coordinate the 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Birth of Robert E. Lee

HJR 713: Joint Subcommittee Studying the Need for Greater Consolidation or Coordination of Virginia Workforce Development and Training Resources

HJR 747: Joint Subcommittee to Examine the Cost and Feasibility of Relocating the Museum and White House of the Confederacy

House and Senate Finance Land Conservation Tax Credit Subcommittee

House Transportation Committee's Special Subcommittee on Mopeds and Similar Vehicles

House Transportation Committee's Special Subcommittee 4

Joint Commission on Technology and Science

Regulatory Alert: A Convenient Guide to Regulatory Activity in the Commonwealth

SJR 273: Commonwealth's Program for Prisoner Reentry to Society

SJR 330: Joint Subcommittee to Study the Vehicle Towing and Recovery Industry

SJR 331: Subcommittee to Study Virginia's Adoption Laws and Policies

SJR 361: Joint Subcommittee Studying Manufacturing Needs and the Future of Manufacturing in Virginia

SJR 371: Joint Subcommittee to Study the Certification, Performance, and Deployment of Voting Equipment

SJR 380: Joint Subcommittee Studying Lead Poisoning Prevention

SJR 388: Virginia Code Commission - 2007 Code of Virginia Project

SJR 394/HJR 704: Joint Subcommittee Studying Risk Management Plans for Physicians and Hospitals

Small Business Commission

Special Joint Subcommittee on Gubernatorial Appointments

Subcommittees on Utilities of the House and Senate Commerce and Labor Committees to Study Video Franchising Issues

Virginia Housing Commission


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