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Special Joint Subcommittee on Gubernatorial Appointments
CHS. 803 and 938-

December 1, 2005

Subcommittee members reported on their review of the resumes and financial statements for the Governor's appointments communicated in his letters of June 1, August 1, and September 21, 2005, and distributed among the members on November 22. Staff distributed additional paperwork received from the Secretary of the Commonwealth since November 22.

Secretary of the Commonwealth, Anita Rimler, delivered copies of the Governor's letter of November 30, 2005, communicating additional appointments and accompanying press releases. There will be approximately 100 more appointments made during the balance of his term.

The members noted several items to discuss with the incoming administration to improve the information provided to the subcommittee and the General Assembly:

  • Complete resumes and statements on the appointee's qualifications for the post. A number of resumes were not complete in this regard and failed to include attachments provided by the appointees.
  • Identification of the slot being filled by the appointee when there is a particular geographic or qualification associated with the slot. The Secretary's Blue Book should also provide this type of identification.
  • Complete financial statements and a copy of an earlier statement if it is relied on in the current statement.

The chair will meet with the appropriate persons in the new administration to communicate these concerns. The members agreed that the failure to provide complete paperwork for an appointee should continue to be grounds for withdrawal of the name or for a refusal to confirm.

The members agreed to recommend that new cabinet secretaries should be interviewed by the standing committees with jurisdiction over the secretariat and that the House and Senate committees should hold joint interviews whenever practical. Subcommittee members will review further the list of agency heads appointed by the Governor to identify other positions for which interviews are appropriate.

The Hon. Jeannemarie D. Davis

For information, contact:
Mary Spain, DLS Staff

Division of Legislative Services > Legislative Record > 2005 

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