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SJR 388 - Virginia Code Commission: 2007 Code of Virginia Project

September 21 and November 16, 2005

During the summer and fall, staff presented to the Code Commission proposed reorganization of well over half of the existing titles. Many of the existing titles were merged, creating fewer, more comprehensive titles. For example, the Commission approved merging the two titles relating to education into one, and combining those with Title 42.1, Libraries. This title will be divided into subtitles relating, respectively, to education through grade 12, higher education, and museums and libraries. At least one new title seems likely relating to technology.

The Commission's focus throughout the project has been ease of use of the code by the citizens of Virginia-"Where would a person ten years from now look for
[a particular subject]?" The articles and chapters within titles have been rearranged to flow more logically, and have been renamed, where appropriate, with clearer and more modern terminology.

The Commission's next meeting will be held in Richmond on December 8
and 9, 2005, when it will address several more titles. Chapter and article organization of the remaining titles will be completed by late spring 2006.

The Hon. William C. Mims

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Division of Legislative Services > Legislative Record > 2005 

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