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HJR 185: U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee

July 19, 2005

The second meeting of 2005 of the U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee was held on July 19, 2005, in Windsor, Virginia, at Windsor High School.


The committee was established by the General Assembly (HJR 684-2001, SJR 324-2003) to act as a link between the citizens and businesses of the Richmond-Petersburg metropolitan area, the Port of Hampton Roads, and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), as well as receive and disseminate communications between the Department and persons and entities directly
affected by all phases and aspects of the planning, designing, constructing, and financing of the U. S. Route 460 Improvement Projects.

Chairman McDonnell reminded the members that VDOT is required by law (see House Bill No. 2543-2003) to solicit proposals for improvements to U.S. Route 460 between Hampton Roads and the Richmond-Petersburg metropolitan area within 90 days of the receipt of federal approval of the relevant Draft Environmental Impact Statement.


Mr. James O. Clarke of VDOT briefed the members regarding the various exhibits available to the general public at the public hearing scheduled to follow the committee's meeting. Mr. Clarke told the panel that VDOT hopes to have a record of decision from the Federal Highway Administration by March of 2006. The members were pleased to be informed that, as a result of having taken "a harder look" at the proposed number and length of bridges, VDOT was able to considerably reduce the estimated capital costs of the projects. Costs might be supported in part by tolls for two of the three candidate build alternatives under consideration, but there was a concern that if tolls were set too high, it would drive traffic off the new facility and back onto "old" U.S. Route 460. Mr. Clarke said he expected VDOT staff would be making a recommendation regarding the project to the Commonwealth Transportation Board in September, with a request for proposals (RFP) under the PPTA to follow within 90 days.

Following Mr. Clarke's presentation, the members toured the various exhibits, and their questions were answered by VDOT staff. A public hearing on the project sponsored by VDOT was held following the committee meeting.


The next meeting date of the committee will be posted on the General Assembly website when available.

The Hon. Robert F. McDonnell

For information, contact:
Alan Wambold, Stephanie Bishop, DLS Staff


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