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SJR 388 - Virginia Code Commission: 2007 Code of Virginia Project

May 18, 2005


Staff presented recommendations by the 2007 Code work group for inserting new sections, chapters, and titles within the new numbering scheme approved by the Code Commission at its April 20, 2005 meeting. Under the proposal, drafters will be encouraged to add new sections at the end of articles or chapters ("amend to the end") to avoid, whenever possible, the use of decimal points in section, chapter, or title numbers.

When inserting a section between existing sections is necessary, the ".5 convention" was recommended, under which the first insertion between existing sections would carry a .5 designation, the second either a .3 or .7, and so on. The intent is to forestall, as long as possible, the need for such constructions as 20-12-2432.1:01. More information on the ".5 convention" is available on the 2007 Code Project website (see Numbering Subcommittee Report in the Materials section of the May 11, 2005, work group meeting).

The Code Commission accepted the recommendation of the work group regarding renumbering conventions.


The commission also agreed, in concept, to the grouping of Code titles by subject area and to the possibility of consolidating certain titles. The question of retaining the current alphabetical order of Code titles was deferred pending more specific proposals from the work group.

The work group will meet to develop proposals for the consolidating and grouping of Code titles. Staff will present proposed reordering of titles at the next Code Commission meeting.


The 2007 Code work group is scheduled to meet on June 8, 2005, 10:00 a.m., 2nd floor of the General Assembly Building. The Virginia Code Commission will meet on June 15, 2005, at 10:00 a.m., 6th Floor Conference Room, in the General Assembly Building.

The Hon. William C. Mims

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