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Regulatory Alert

A Convenient Guide to Regulatory Activity in the Commonwealth

September, 2005

The Regulatory Alert is intended to assist General Assembly members as they keep up with the myriad regulations being proposed by agencies in the Commonwealth. The goal of this project is to provide a timely, simple, and accurate summary of the rules that are being proposed by agencies, boards, and commissions. Highlighting regulations when they are published as "proposed regulations" gives General Assembly members notice that the critical public participation phase of the rulemaking process is well underway. It is during the public participation process that the questions of an Assembly member or constituent may be most effectively communicated to the agency and examined by the individuals crafting the regulatory proposal.

The Regulatory Alert is not intended to be a substitute for the comprehensive information on agency rulemaking activity that is currently published biweekly in the Virginia Register of Regulations or the notification services offered by the Regulatory Town Hall website maintained by the Department of Planning and Budget. It is hoped that the Legislative Record will assist all members as they monitor the development, modification and repeal of administrative rules in the Commonwealth.

Access the Virginia Register of Regulations online at http://legis.state.va.us/codecomm/register/issfiles.htm or contact epalen@leg.state.va.us or the Code Commission staff at (804) 786-3591 for further information.

Proposed Regulations Open to Public Comment:




8 VAC 20-660. Regulations Governing the Reenrollment of Students Committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice (adding 8 VAC 20-660-10 through 8 VAC 20-660-40).

A public hearing will be held on September 21, 2005, at 11 a.m., Department of Education, Richmond, Virginia. Written public comment may be submitted until October 11, 2005.

This regulation provides a structured procedure for reenrollment of students into the public schools when they have been in the custody of the juvenile justice system and receiving instruction through the Department of Correctional Education. The regulation would provide for the exchange of educational information concerning students among the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Correctional Education and the public school divisions. By establishing a process for exchange of student records, with procedures, responsibilities, and timelines delineated, reenrollment and planning for the student's continued education can take place on a timely basis prior to a student's release from the juvenile justice system.

For additional information contact: Dr. Cynthia Cave, Director of Student Services, Department of Education, (804) 225-2818, or
e-mail ccave@mail.vak12ed.edu.




18 VAC 41-50. Tattooing Regulations (adding 18 VAC 41-50-10 through 18 VAC 41-50-220).

A public hearing will be held on October 17, 2005, at 10 a.m. at the Board for Barbers and Cosmetology, Richmond, Virginia. Written public comment may be submitted until October 21, 2005.

The proposed regulations establish (i) requirements for obtaining a license to provide services as a tatooer; (ii) requirements for becoming a tattooing apprenticeship sponsor; (iii) requirements for obtaining a license to operate a tattoo parlor; (iv) fees for initial, renewal, and reinstatement applications for tattooers and tattoo parlors; (v) license renewal requirements; (vi) sanitation and safety standards for tattoo parlors that address disinfection and storage of implements, sanitation of equipment, and safety standards pertaining to the use of chemical products, the proper handling of blood spills, and client health guidelines; (vii) measures to be taken to ensure that clients are qualified to receive tattooing services in compliance with § 18.2-371.3 of the Code of Virginia pertaining to minimum age; and (viii) requirements for obtaining certain disclosures and maintenance of records of notification to the client pertaining to risks associated with receiving tattooing services.

For additional information contact: William H. Ferguson, II,
Executive Director, Board for Barbers and Cosmetology, (804) 367-8590, or e-mail william.ferguson@dpor.virginia.gov.





REGISTRAR'S NOTICE: The State Corporation Commission is exempt from the Administrative Process Act in accordance with § 2.2-4002 A 2 of the Code of Virginia, which exempts courts, any agency of the Supreme Court, and any agency that by the Constitution is expressly granted any of the powers of a court of record.

20 VAC 5-400. Telecommunications (repealing 20 VAC 5-400-80).

20 VAC 5-427. Rules for Local Exchange Telecommunications Company Service Quality Standards (adding 20 VAC 5-427-10 through [ 20 VAC 5-427-190 20 VAC 5-427-170 ]).

A public hearing will be held upon request. Written public comment may be submitted until September 8, 2005.

Stipulated Rules for Local Exchange Telecommunications Company Service Quality Standards (Settlement Rules), 20 VAC 5-427, are now proposed by stipulation to replace the previously considered Revised Proposed Rules for Local Exchange Telecommunications Company Service Quality Standards. The Settlement Rules are considered for replacement of the existing Regulation Governing Service Standards for Local Exchange Telephone Companies; Penalty, 20 VAC 5-400-80 of the Telecommunications Regulation.

The regulations apply to all certificated local exchange carriers and prescribe a minimum acceptable level of quality of service under normal operating conditions. The regulations call for the design, construction, maintenance, and operation of network facilities in compliance with all applicable commission orders and interconnection requirements under federal and state law.

Significant changes in the Settlement Rules from the previous Revised Proposed Rules include deletion of the reporting requirements (20 VAC 5-427-40) and deletion of the Commission Complaint Standard (20 VAC 5-427-170). Service quality performance standards have been revised (20 VAC 5-427-130).

For more information contact: Steven C. Bradley, Deputy Director, Division of Communications, State Corporation Commission, (804) 371-9420, or e-mail steve.bradley@


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