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Fetal Death by Wrongful Act: Expanding Wrongful Death Actions to the Unborn
August 2012

The Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act: NFIB v. Sebelius
July 2012

Disabled Military Veterans' Real Property Tax Exemption
May 2011

Partial Birth Abortion
Gonzales v. Carhart
July 2008

The Effect of Same-sex Cohabitation on Spousal Support
Stroud v. Stroud
March 2007

Closed Meeting Exemption for Contract Negotiations under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act
White Dog Publishing v. Culpeper County Board of Supervisors

October 2006

States’ Rights versus the Commerce Clause: California's Marijuana Medical Use Law
Gonzales v. Raich

August 2005

Economic Development as a Public Use:
Kelo v. City of New London

June 2005

Death Penalty for Juveniles is Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Roper v. Simmons

March 2005

Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003:
Prescription Drug Benefit Implementation in Virginia and Review of Pending State and Federal Legislation

August 2004

Beck v. Shelton:
The Virginia Supreme Court Examines the Parameters of a "Meeting" under FOIA

March 2004

United States Supreme Court Decides Ex Post Facto Case:
Virginia Code and Constitution Affected

September 2003

Implementing No Child Left Behind:
Virginia Revisits Educational Accountability

September 2003

Sodomy and the Right to Privacy:
Reassessing Privacy Interests in Texas v. Lawrence

July 2003

The Use of Race in Higher Education Admissions:
The University of Michigan Receives Two Different Results

July 2003

High Court Reinstates Virginia Public Housing Tresspass Policy:
Commonwealth v. Hicks

June 2003

Virginia's Cross-Burning Statute:
Virginia v. Black

April 2003

Pledge of Allegiance:
Recent Constitutional Controversy

July 2002

Public Funding for Nonpublic Education:
School Voucher Initiatives

July 2002

Regulation of Out-of-State Waste:
Waste Management Holdings v. Gilmore

July 2001

Federal Tax Relief Act
June 2001

Virginia's Three Sets of Education Standards
June 30, 1997

In-State Preferences in Public Procurement:
How Far Can Virginia Go?

July 15, 1996

Binding the Hands of Future Legislators:
The Nebraska v. Moore Case

July 11, 1996

Racial Gerrymandering:
Supreme Court Decisions in Shaw v. Hunt and Bush v. Vera

July 8, 1996

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