Staff Directory by Section

Business and Jurisprudence Section

Corporations, Insurance, Banking, Labor, Criminal and Civil Law and Procedure, Corrections, Technology and Science, Militia and Police

Commerce and Labor

House Committee Served: Commerce and Labor
Senate Committee Served: Commerce and Labor

Courts of Justice

House Committee Served: Courts of Justice
Senate Committee Served: Courts of Justice

Judicial Selection/Corrections
Militia, Police and Public Safety

House Committee Served: Militia, Police and Public Safety

Finance and Government Section

Government, Finance, Taxation, Transportation, Political Subdivisions, Agriculture, Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources

House Committee Served: Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources
Senate Committee Served: Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources

Finance and Taxation

House Committees Served: Appropriations; Finance
Senate Committee Served: Finance

Local Government

House Committee Served: Counties, Cities and Towns
Senate Committee Served: Local Government


House Committee Served: Transportation
Senate Committee Served: Transportation

Joint Commission on Technology and Science

House Committee Served: Science and Technology

General Laws and Administration Section

General Laws, Freedom of Information, Housing Commission

General Laws

House Committee Served: General Laws
Senate Committee Served: General Laws and Technology

Freedom of Information Advisory Council
Virginia Housing Commission

Rules, Education, Elections and Special Projects Section

Rules, Privileges and Elections, Education, Health, Social Services, Resolutions, Publications, Redistricting, Geographic Information Systems, Internet

Education and Health

House Committee Served: Education
Senate Committee Served: Education and Health

Elections and Rules

House Committees Served: Privileges and Elections; Rules
Senate Committees Served: Privileges and Elections; Rules

Social Services

House Committee Served: Health, Welfare and Institutions
Senate Committee Served: Rehabilitation and Social Services

Computer Mapping and Redistricting System
Virginia World War I & World War II Commemoration Commission

Code Commission Section

Register of Regulations/Statutory and Administrative Codes
Administrative Law Advisory Committee

Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council

Support Staff

Accounting and Personnel
Legislative Reference Center