Session Publications

Session Calendars

Session calendars and procedural resolutions from 2002 to the present governing the conduct of business for the Regular Sessions of the Virginia General Assembly.
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Session Issue Briefs

Annual summary of issues likely to be discussed at the upcoming legislative session.
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Session Highlights

Brief description of significant legislation considered by a recently adjourned Regular Session of the General Assembly. Prepared before the Reconvened Session where the Governor's amendments and vetoes are considered.
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Session Summary

Brief summary of all bills considered during a Session of the General Assembly. Arranged by Code subject topic and subdivided within each category according to whether the bill passed, failed, or was carried over.
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Governor's Amendments and Vetoes

Summaries prepared by Division to assist General Assembly members during their deliberations at the Reconvened Session where the Governor's amendments and vetoes are considered.
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Digest of the Acts of Assembly

Compilation of summaries, in alphabetical order according to titles of the Code of Virginia, of all legislation enacted by the General Assembly during a Regular and Reconvened Session of the General Assembly. Published as a service of DLS prior to publication of the Acts of Assembly.
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In Due Course: Changes to Virginia's Laws

Annual publication distributed in June designed to inform constituents of new laws that will take effect on July 1 of each year.
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Other Publications

Annual Report of the Division of Legislative Services - Reports, Data, and Informational Requests by Standing Committee, Pursuant to § 30-28.16

This annual report provides members with a listing of the status of all reports, actions, or data collection required by the General Assembly of agencies and collegial bodies of state government.
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DLS Reports

Published occasionally, the DLS Report provides legislators with background information on a variety of regional and statewide issues.
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Issue Briefs

Published occasionally, an Issue Brief reports on an issue of interest to legislators as issues come to the forefront.
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Legislative Guidelines

Legislative Guidelines Applicable to Studies, Legislative Commissions, Nonlegislative Collegial Bodies, and Resolutions (from the Joint Rules Committee).
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Legislative Liaison Officers (updated annually)

Pursuant to § 30-34.14 of the Code of Virginia, a listing of the officers or designated alternates assigned by their respective state entities to serve as legislative liaison between the state government entity and the General Assembly and act as the official spokesperson representing such government entity.
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Report on Sunset Provisions (updated annually)

Compilation of Code of Virginia programs and entities that expire on a specific date.
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Virginia Legislative Record

Report of the activities of Virginia legislative study commissions and joint subcommittees, reflecting the ongoing deliberations and recommendations of interim legislative studies. Published from June through December.
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The Virginia State Capitol

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Legislator Guides

A Legislator's Guide to the Judicial Selection Process

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A Legislator's Guide to Taxation in Virginia, Volume 1: State Taxes

(Rev. 2010)
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A Legislator's Guide to Taxation in Virginia, Volume 2: Local Taxes

(Rev. 2006)
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Virginia's Regulatory Process: A Legislator's Fact Sheet

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Uranium Mining: A Historical Perspective (2011)

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Redistricting Publications

Drawing the Line/Guide to Local Redistricting

During the redistricting period, the Division publishes Drawing the Line, a newsletter reporting on redistricting developments. Also published is a Guide to Local Redistricting, which assists localities that elect their governing bodies by election districts in their preparations for decennial redistricting.
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