Joint Commission on Technology and Science


Data Protections & Privacy

Chair: Delegate Hala Ayala
Members: Delegate Kathy Byron, Senator Adam Ebbin, Senator Ghazala Hashmi, Senator John Cosgrove
Citizens: Heidi Cook, Kimberly Frost, Susan Gaston, Meade Spotts

Children's Online Protection

Chair: Senator Barbara Favola
Members: Delegate Hala Ayala, Senator John Cosgrove, Senator Ghazala Hashmi
Citizens: Ricardo Alfaro, Ricardo Frost

Facial Recognition with Law Enforcement

Chair: Delegate Cliff Hayes
Members: Delegate Kenneth Plum, Delegate Terry Austin, Senator Barbara Favola

Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise

Chair: Delegate Cliff Hayes
Members: Full JCOTS Commission

Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act Work Group

Chair: Delegate Cliff Hayes
Members: Senator Dave Marsden, Secretary Brian Ball, Secretary Grindly Johnson, and Attorney General Mark Herring
Citizens: Keir Lamont, Jim Halpert, Stacey Gray, Elizabeth Falcone, Dana Wiggins, Gil Bland