Staff Directory by Section

Business and Jurisprudence Section

Corporations, Insurance, Banking, Labor, Criminal and Civil Law and Procedure, Corrections, Judicial Selection, Public Safety

Commerce and Labor

House Committee Served: Labor and Commerce
Senate Committee Served: Commerce and Labor

Courts of Justice

House Committee Served: Courts of Justice
Senate Committee Served: Courts of Justice

Judicial Selection
Public Safety

House Committee Served: Public Safety

Finance, Government and Administration Section

Agriculture, Natural Resources, Government, Elections, Finance, Taxation, Local Government, Transportation, Freedom of Information

Agriculture and Natural Resources

House Committee Served: Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources
Senate Committee Served: Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources

Communications, Technology and Innovation

House Committee Served: Communications, Technology and Innovation


House Committee Served: Privileges and Elections
Senate Committee Served: Privileges and Elections

Finance and Taxation

House Committees Served: Appropriations; Finance
Senate Committee Served: Finance and Appropriations

Local Government

House Committee Served: Counties, Cities and Towns
Senate Committee Served: Local Government


House Committee Served: Transportation
Senate Committee Served: Transportation

Freedom of Information Advisory Council
Joint Commission on Technology and Science

Education, Health, Social Services and General Laws Section

Education, Health, Social Services, General Laws


House Committee Served: Education
Senate Committee Served: Education and Health


House Committee Served: Education; Health and Human Services
Senate Committee Served: Education and Health

Social Services

House Committee Served: Health and Human Services
Senate Committee Served: Rehabilitation and Social Services

General Laws

House Committee Served: General Laws
Senate Committee Served: General Laws and Technology

Legislative Projects Section

Editing, Special Projects, Resolutions


Code Commission Section

Register of Regulations/Statutory and Administrative Codes
Administrative Law Advisory Committee

Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council

Rules and Legislative Reference Center

Agency Operations

Human Resources and Fiscal Services