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Volume 18, 2008

Last updated on December 15, 2008

Coal and Energy Commission

Commission on Energy and Environment

Commission on the Prevention of Human Trafficking

Commission on Unemployment Compensation

Freedom of Information Advisory Council

HJR 72: Joint Subcommittee Studying Public-Private Partnerships Regarding Seaports in Virginia

HJR 75: Joint Subcommittee Studying Local Incentives Provided to Private Businesses for Economic Development

HJR 90: Joint Subcommittee Studying Science, Math and Technology Education

HJR 91: Joint Subcommittee Studying Ways the Commonwealth May Work with Private, Nonprofit Colleges to Meet Higher Education Needs

HJR 159: U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee

HJR 177 / SJR 101: Joint Subcommittee Studying Benefits of Adopting a Single Sales Factor for Corporate Income Tax Purposes

HJR 178 / SJR 70: Joint Subcommittee Studying Development and Land Use Tools in Virginia's Localities

HJR 194: Transportation Network of Hampton Roads

HJR 195: Joint Subcommittee Studying Transfer of Development Rights

HJR 248: Joint Subcommittee Studying Biosciences and Biotechnology

Joint Commission on Technology and Science

Manufacturing Development Commission

Regulatory Alert: A Convenient Guide to Regulatory Activity in the Commonwealth

SJR 75: Joint Subcommittee Studying the Comprehensive Services for At-Risk Youth and Families

SJR 77: Joint Subcommittee Studying Strategies and Models for the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

SJR 122: Joint Subcommittee to Study Regional Rapid Transit Networks

SJR 223: Joint Subcommittee on Block Grants

Small Business Commission

Special Subcommittees of the House Committee on General Laws and Senate Committee on Rehabilitation & Social Services Studying Certain ABC Issues

Virginia Sesquicententennial of the American Civil War Commission



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