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Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Commission

September 9, 2008


Lisa Schultz, Managing Director, Out of Bounds LLC
Ms. Schultz reported her recommendations and proposed budget for the HistoryMobile. The interactive exhibit would be housed within a tractor-trailer and educate attendees about the American Civil War, its influence on history, and the people involved with the war. The exhibit would be taken to schools and other public venues as well as high-traffic events and provide the foundation for a public relations campaign. The Virginia Historical Society is creating a museum exhibit that will be unveiled in 2011 and will include a number of elements that can be utilized in the proposed mobile exhibit.

Ms. Schultz provided projected costs associated with operating tours of varying lengths. The costs did not include design and fabrication expenses. She recommended using a single expandable trailer rather than a double expandable trailer due to challenges that she encountered with other mobile museums. Delegate Lingamfelter expressed concerns about ensuring sufficient space for the mobile exhibit without size limitations. The Commission also noted the importance of balancing where the HistoryMobile travels in order to reach the maximum number of people in as many localities as possible. Speaker Howell suggested creating an ad hoc subcommittee for members to express input on the content of the mobile exhibit.

A motion extended the Commission's working relationship with Out of Bounds, LLC until January 2009 with a comparable rate as the previous agreement. In January 2009, Lisa Schultz will report back to the Commission.

Dr. Sandra G. Treadway, Advisory Council
Dr. Treadway reported that the Advisory Council met on June 24, 2008, to receive an update on the Commission and to discuss several questions posed by the Commission. Dr. Treadway said the Advisory Council felt the Commission members were on the right track, commended them on their efforts, and offered additional suggestions to the Commission in the report.

Program Reports

Dr. Robertson informed the Commission that filming is on schedule for the DVD and a preview will be shown at the next Commission meeting. The production features the Salem High School band in the opening of the DVD. Speaker Howell requested that Dr. Robertson provide an outline of the DVD to Cheryl Jackson.

Museum Exhibition
Jim Kelly briefed the Commission on the progress of the Museum Exhibition. The exhibit will have many interactive components and focus on several key areas of the Civil War relating to the Commission's goals. Many of the components developed for the exhibit can also be tailored for use in the HistoryMobile.

Strategic Marketing Plan
Richard Lewis outlined the strategic marketing plan for the sesquicentennial, which focuses on a universal message and promotes tourism to Virginia. Mr. Lewis continues to stay in contact with multiple media outlets to keep the plans on the Commission on their radar.

Staff Reports

Danielle Watkins
Ms. Watkins discussed pending grant proposals, recent awards, and the deadlines of upcoming applications.

CWC Executive Committee Meeting

September 15, 2008

Speaker Howell introduced Dr. Paul A. Levengood who will succeed Dr. Charles F. Bryan, Jr., at the Virginia Historical Society in November.


Hollis Sullivan, Virginia Tourism Corporation
Hollis Sullivan briefed the committee on the application procedure and administration of the micro-grant program. The micro-grant program is a 1:1 matching grant for tourism promotion efforts and expenses related to the sesquicentennial. The Commission will have a role in scoring applicants and determining recipients.

Dr. Bryan, Virginia Historical Society
Dr. Bryan discussed a possible venue change for the museum exhibition due to the Fredericksburg Area Museum not meeting certain conditions set forth by the Virginia Historical Society. A motion unanimously approved by the Executive Committee concurred with the recommendation to change the exhibit venue and the letter that will be sent to the Fredericksburg Area Museum.
Dr. Bryan proposed taking the exhibit to the Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox. The museum is currently being constructed and will be required to meet certain conditions.

Next Meeting

Workgroup 1 (Coordination) will meet October 15, 2008. Other meeting dates will be posted on the Commission websites and the General Assembly calendar as soon as information is available.

The Hon. William J. Howell

For information, contact:
Cheryl Jackson, Brenda Edwards, Danielle Watkins, DLS Staff

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