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HJR 159: U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee

April 28, 2008

The U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee met in Hampton Roads on April 28, 2008. Delegate Chris Jones was elected chairman and Senator Quayle was re-elected vice chairman.


Richard Walton, Jr.
VA Department of Transportation
Richard Walton of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) explained that the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) had looked at three options for the project’s location: a southern alignment, a northern alignment, and the existing alignment. In making a decision, the CTB reviewed the need for the project, including increased truck freight, safety concerns, hurricane evacuation, and the operational and design defects of the current route. After taking everything into consideration, the southern alignment was chosen.

Mr. Walton next provided an update on the progress of the project since the September 26, 2007, meeting. While VDOT had initially anticipated making a request for detailed proposals (RFDP) in Fall 2007, VDOT now plans on making its RFDP in Fall 2008, with the detailed proposals due in Spring 2009.

Three proposals have been submitted for the project (from Cintra 460, Itinere, and Virginia Corridor Partners). For the private sector, a question that still remains is how much public funding will be available. Until there is a commitment of public funding, it is hard to move forward on this project. Delegate Cosgrove stressed the importance of building in the public financing portion of the project. He advised that too many people might think that PPTA means no public funding is required.

Chairman Jones stated that as the project continues, the committee should look at the public’s level of tolling tolerance, public moneys, and any interchange issues.

Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting of the U.S. Route 460 Communications Committee will be posted online on the General Assembly calendar when the information becomes available.


The Hon. S. Chris Jones

For information, contact:
Alan Wambold, Caroline Stalker , DLS Staff

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