Joint Subcommittee to Study Barrier Crimes and Criminal History Records Checks

The Joint Subcommittee was established through SJ 35 in the 2020 Regular Session and continued through SJ 285 in the 2021 Special Session. The Resolution directs the Joint Subcommittee to complete its meetings by November 30, 2021, and submit an executive summary of the Joint Subcommittee's findings and recommendations no later than the first day of the 2022 Regular Session. The Joint Subcommittee is limited to no more than four meetings during the 2021 interim. The Joint Subcommittee is directed to to develop recommendations related to (i) whether statutory provisions related to criminal history records checks, barrier crimes, and barrier crime exceptions should be reorganized and consolidated into a central location in the Code of Virginia; (ii) whether certain crimes should be removed from the list of barrier crimes; (iii) whether barrier crime exceptions and waiver processes should be broadened; (iv) whether the required amount of time that must lapse after conviction of certain barrier crimes should be shortened; and (v) other changes that could be made to criminal history records check and barrier crimes requirements that would improve the organization, effectiveness, and fairness of such provisions.

Chair: Senator Edwards
Vice-Chair: Delegate Price



Date Time Place Documents
08/16/21 10AM Electronic Meeting Summary
06/14/21 10AM Electronic Meeting Agenda Materials Summary