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DLS has published the Legislator's Guide to the Division of Legislative Services.

The Division of Legislative Services is the legislative branch agency created statutorily by the General Assembly to provide nonpartisan legal and general research services to members of the General Assembly and its standing committees in the House of Delegates and Senate of Virginia.

Services we provide

Drafting Legislation

Drafting Legislation

The Division drafts bills and resolutions at the request of individual legislators and legislative commissions and executive, judicial and independent agencies for consideration by the General Assembly.

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Legal and Research Support and Policy Analysis

The Division provides year-round legal and research support and policy analysis to all legislators, standing committees and most permanent legislative commissions and to interim legislative study committees, subcommittees and commissions.

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Legislative Reference Center

The Legislative Reference Center serves the information needs of members of the General Assembly and legislative staff.

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Central Repository of Statewide Regulations

The Code Commission, staffed by the Division, serves as the central repository for all regulations adopted by state agencies, publishes the Virginia Register of Regulations, and coordinates publication of the Code of Virginia and the Virginia Administrative Code.

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FOIA Opinions and Training

The Freedom of Information Advisory Council, staffed by the Division, answers questions from private citizens, state and local public officials, and the media about access to public records and meetings.

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Redistricting and GIS


Using geographic information systems (GIS), the Division provides Virginia legislators and the public with information on state legislative and congressional districts and plans in order to facilitate statewide redistricting efforts following each decennial census.

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