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Volume 9, 1999

Last updated on January 4, 2000

HJR 225

Joint Subcommittee to Evaluate the Future Delivery of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services

HJR 269

Standing Subcommittee to Monitor the Issues Related to Infection with HIV

HJR 432

Commission on the Condition and Future of Virginia's Cities

HJR 501

Joint Subcommittee to Study the Virginia Freedom of Information Act

HJR 543

Joint Subcommittee to Study Land Development Patterns

HJR 589

Joint Subcommittee Studying the Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Trust Fund

HJR 606

Joint Subcommittee to Study Prison Industries

HJR 658

Interstate Route 73 Communications Committee

HJR 668

Scrap Recycling Incentives Study

HJR 687/736

Special Subcommittee Studying "Driving While Black" and Traffic Stops of Minority Drivers

HJR 707

Joint Subcommittee Studying the Overrepresentation of African-American Students in Special Education Programs

HJR 719

Commission on the Future of Virginia's Environment

HJR 843

Commission on the Future of Transportation in Virginia

SB 1269

Legislative Transition Task Force of the Virginia Electric Utility Restructuring Act

SJR 223 (1993)

Standing Joint Subcommittee on Block Grants

SJR 271/HJR 491

Joint Subcommittee Studying Eminent Domain Issues

SJR 423

Joint Subcommittee to Study Election Law and Felon Disenfranchisement

SJR 459

Joint Subcommittee to Study the Need for Increased Higher Education Services in South-Central Virginia

SJR 474

Joint Subcommittee Studying State Government Procurement Practices and Procedures

SJR 496

Special Joint Subcommittee Studying Virginia's Medical Care Facilities COPN Program

SJR 498

Commission on Educational Accountability

Joint Subcommittee Studying Virginia's Farmers Market System

Special Subcommittee on Residential Academies for At-Risk Students in Virginia

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