SJR 271/HJR 491

Joint Subcommittee Studying Eminent Domain Issues

December 10, 1999, Richmond

At its second work session, the joint subcommittee completed the process of reviewing the issues raised during its year of study. The joint subcommittee asked staff to draft legislation, to be voted on at its next meeting, that will:

The joint subcommittee requested the preparation of a resolution that would continue the study for another year and a resolution directing the finance and appropriations committees to examine whether land acquisitions should be transferred from VDOT to the Department of General Services and paid for from the general fund.

In addition, the joint subcommittee has asked for additional information regarding other states' use of mediation and arbitration in condemnation cases and compensation to owners of property whose value is diminished by the taking of adjacent or nearby property. The joint subcommittee members will also review a statement expressing the concerns relayed to them regarding citizens' frustrations with highway condemnations.

The joint subcommittee will hold its next meeting on January 10, 2000, in Richmond.

The Honorable Madison E. Marye, Chairman
Legislative Services contact: Franklin D. Munyan