SJR 271/HJR 491

Joint Subcommittee Studying Eminent Domain Issues

November 16, 1999, Richmond

The joint subcommittee held its fourth business meeting to begin addressing specific recommendations for changes to Virginia's eminent domain laws. At the August meeting in Manassas, staff was asked to prepare a list of recommendations heard by the subcommittee for review in making decisions regarding any changes to current law. The joint subcommittee asked staff to draft legislation, for analysis by the members at a later meeting, that accomplishes the following:

The joint subcommittee will hold its next meeting in Richmond on December 10. Staff will present draft legislation addressing the changes recommended by the joint subcommittee, which will continue its review of suggested changes to Virginia's eminent domain laws.

The Honorable Madison E. Marye, Chairman
Legislative Services contact: C. Maureen Stinger