SB 337: Joint Commission on Administrative Rules

September 4, 2002

Senate Bill 337 of the 2002 Session of the General Assembly created the Joint Commission on Administrative Rules (JCAR). The legislation essentially provides JCAR the opportunity to review any existing or proposed agency rule, and make recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly for action based on its review. Five members of the Senate and seven members of the House of Delegates compose the membership.

JCAR held its first meeting on September 4, 2002. Senator Frank Wagner, patron of Senate Bill 337, was elected chairman and Delegate Morgan Griffith was elected vice-chairman. JCAR was briefed on Virginia's regulatory process by various state government department participants in the regulatory process. Additionally, Division of Legislative Services staff briefed JCAR on the regulatory processes of a select number of states and presented information for members to consider in developing its method of review of rules and regulations.

Three substantive issues were briefly discussed: (i) a State Corporation Commission proposed regulation relating to bank acquisitions of real estate brokerage subsidiaries, (ii) existing regulations of the Charitable Gaming Commission, and (iii) Board of Medicine statutory negligence standards. No action was taken by JCAR; however, the progression of the issues will be monitored by staff and an update will be presented at the next meeting, to be held October 30, 2002.


The Hon. Frank W. Wagner

For information, contact:

Jennifer K. Garey
Division of Legislative Services


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