HJR 31: Joint Subcommittee Studying the State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act

August 23, 2002

Local Government Attorneys

The county attorney for Prince William County appeared on behalf of the Local Government Attorneys Association (LGA) to present a series of recommendations and suggestions for changes to the state and local Conflict of Interest Act (COIA). A committee established by the LGA to conduct a general review of COIA surveyed LGA members regarding the issues that they felt warranted scrutiny by the joint subcommittee. The final product represents the LGA committee's consensus regarding those issues and includes suggested changes to alleviate them. While legal counsel for the Virginia Association of Counties and the Virginia Municipal League has reviewed the LGA committee's report and recommendations, it has not been possible to canvass the greater LGA membership for specific approval.

A total of twelve issues and suggested amendments relating to COIA were presented. At the completion of the presentation, Chairman Marshall suggested that it would be appropriate to allow the joint subcommittee to review the recommendations further. It was resolved that the next meeting of the joint subcommittee would include a more detailed review of each of the issues presented by the LGA committee.


The Hon. Robert G. Marshall

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