P Passed

P HB2344

Uniform Statewide Building Code; inspection warrants. Establishes the authority for the issuance of inspection warrants for the enforcement of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code under certain circumstances.
Patron - Almand

P HB2438

Housing; powers of redevelopment and housing authorities; eminent domain and redevelopment plans. Provides that a redevelopment and housing authority, when identifying real property to be acquired for redevelopment, must also identify anticipated funding sources that may be sufficient to acquire the property. The bill also provides that (i) any real property that has not been acquired or for which condemnation proceedings have not been instituted within five years from the redevelopment plan approval date are no longer eligible to be so acquired unless the parties agree to the acquisition; (ii) localities must reaffirm a redevelopment plan within three years of their approval of the plan; (iii) localities are not precluded from adopting a new redevelopment plan that includes real property previously included within a redevelopment area under a previously adopted redevelopment plan; and (iv) upon written request of a property owner, a redevelopment and housing authority that decides against acquiring previously identified property shall reimburse the property owner for reasonable expenses he incurred in connection with the proposed acquisition. The bill also provides for alternative dispute resolution in cases where eminent domain is used to acquire real property under an approved redevelopment plan. The bill is a recommendation of the Housing Study Commission.
Patron - Drake

P HB2735

Eligibility for Industrial Site Development Program. Requires the Department of Housing and Community Development, in determining eligibility for the Industrial Site Development Program, to allow exceptions to the Department's minimum requirement of 200 net developable acres because of geographic, topographic or land availability limitations.
Patron - Kilgore

P SB1006

Spot blight abatement. Allows the use of the spot blight abatement procedures anywhere in a locality, whether inside or outside of a conservation or redevelopment area.
Patron - Ticer

P SB1233

Uniform Statewide Building Code; effect on local ordinances. Restricts localities from incorporating certain building design requirements in their local zoning ordinances by providing that the USBC supercedes such ordinances. The bill also specifies that the USBC does not supercede (i) proffered conditions accepted as a part of a rezoning application, conditions imposed upon the grant of special exceptions, special or conditional use permits or variances; (ii) land use requirements in airport or highway overlay districts, or historic districts; or (iii) local flood plain regulations adopted as a condition of participation in the National Flood Insurance Program. This bill is a recommendation of the Housing Study Commission.
Patron - Williams

P SB1325

Low-income housing tax credit. Expands the state taxes against which the low-income housing tax credit may be taken to include estate and trust taxes, and bank franchise taxes, for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2001. The bill also provides for a five year carryover period of any tax credit that may not be used in a taxable year. The bill reduces the total maximum amount of low-income housing credits which may be approved by the Board of Housing and Community Development in any calendar year from $3.5 million to $500,000.
Patron - Stosch

P SB1416

Grant to localities; harvesting and collection of rainwater. Provides, subject to appropriation, grants to local governments from the Alternate Water Supply Assistance Fund to be used by such localities for entering into agreements with businesses and individuals to harvest and collect rainwater for such uses as determined necessary by the locality. The Department of Housing and Community Development shall administer the fund and shall develop a process for determining what areas and localities shall qualify for the grants.
Patron - Marye

F Failed

F HB1697

Department of Housing and Community Development; low interest loans for teachers. Requires the Director of the Department of Housing and Community Development to develop and administer, with such funds as may be made available or may be used for such purposes, a mortgage loan program for teachers under contract with a Virginia school board that shall provide for interest rates below the prevailing rate of interest in Virginia for similar programs and be conditioned on the agreement by such teachers to teach in Virginia for a minimum of three years. The program may provide for penalties for breaching the agreement to teach in Virginia for a minimum of three years that may include, but need not be limited to, increases in interest rates. The Board will advise the Department and the Director in the development of this teacher loan program.
Patron - Baskerville

F HB2188

Housing; heating supply for rental premises. Requires the owner or operator of any building who rents, leases or lets one or more dwelling unit, rooming unit, dormitory or guestroom on terms, either express or implied, to furnish heat to the occupants, to supply sufficient heat during the period from October 15 to April 1 to maintain room temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the hours between 6:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. of each day and not less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit during other hours.
Patron - Watts

F HB2364

Uniform Statewide Building Code; definition of "owner." Adds to the definition of "owner" any person, agent, operator, firm or corporation having control of a building or structure. This expanded definition of "owner" makes this definition under the USBC consistent with that term as defined in the BOCA National Property Maintenance Code, thereby making such persons having property maintenance responsibility liable for violations of the USBC.
Patron - Jones, D.C.

F HB2760

Uniform Statewide Building Code; application of rehabilitation code to commercial properties. Requires the Board of Housing and Community Development to make amendments to the building code to allow for the application of rehabilitation standards to commercial properties as a way to revitalize urban areas. The bill also requires the Board to adequately train building officials and Code enforcement personnel and design professionals throughout the Commonwealth on these new building code provisions and report to the 2003 Session of the General Assembly on its progress to comply with the requirements of this new law.
Patron - McEachin

F SB1002

Housing Development Authority; regulations. Requires the Housing Development Authority to develop regulations providing that single-family mortgage loans may be made to more than one person if the persons to whom the loan is to be made are living together in the dwelling as a single, nonprofit housekeeping unit.
Patron - Ticer

F SB1411

Virginia Resources Authority. Authorizes the Virginia Resources Authority, with the prior approval of the Board of Health and the state treasurer, to pledge funds in the Water Supply Assistance Grant Fund as security for bonds of the Authority, provided that the Environmental Protection Agency approves the bill's provisions as they pertain to the Commonwealth's qualifications for full funding from the federal government.
Patron - Wampler

F SB1414

Virginia Water Supply Revolving Fund. Transfers administration of the Virginia Water Supply Revolving Fund from the Board of Health to the Department of Housing and Community Development. In addition, the bill requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the Department of Health to develop the intended use plan required by the federal Safe Water Drinking Act. The bill also provides that the provisions of the act will not become effective until the memorandum of agreement is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Patron - Wampler


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