HJR 282 Joint Subcommittee

Pursuant to HJR 282, the subcommittee studying the redefinition of the term "restaurant" for the purposes of the concealed handgun law met for the first time on July 10, 2000. The subcommittee is charged with distinguishing between those alcohol-serving establishments where concealed handguns would be prohibited and those where they would be allowed.

The members, after hearing from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board staff and representatives of the restaurant and entertainment and shooting sports industries, decided that the distinction should be made based upon the activity that takes place at such a restaurant (e.g., a family restaurant as opposed to a pool hall or dance hall) rather than the amount or type of alcohol served. Current law prohibits the carrying of a concealed handgun into any restaurant or club that serves alcohol on premises.

The subcommittee, composed of Senators Martin and Ruff and Delegates Griffith, Ingram and Pollard, has tentatively scheduled its next meeting for August 23, 2000.