HJR 154

Virginia--Maryland--District of Columbia Joint Legislative Commission on Interstate Transportation

October 23, 2000, Washington, D.C.

Several members urged the commission to focus on modest, do-able projects, so that success in smaller endeavors would provide a foundation upon which more ambitious undertakings could be attempted in the future. Among the most frequently mentioned needs and difficulties were:

  • Construction of a new Potomac River bridge or bridges;
  • Improvement in regional air quality;
  • Pursuit of addition federal financial support;
  • Increased public support for transportation improvements;
  • Improved coordination of land-use decision-making and transportation planning;
  • Increased private sector participation in making improvements;
  • Streamlining or easing of federal and state regulatory impediments to transportation improvements;
  • Increased use of latest technologies to make toll collections more efficient, thus easing public opposition to toll financing of highway construction projects;
  • Briefings from transportation professionals on transportation needs from a coordinated, region-wide basis, rather than a state-by-state or locality-by-locality basis;
  • Comprehensive assessment of the needs for Capital Beltway improvements;
  • Construction of an alternative to the Capitol Beltway for use by long-distance through-traffic; and
  • Generally increased funding for mass transit.

Following this general discussion, the members agreed to send a letter to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, expressing their support for Congressman Frank Wolf's proposal to study construction of a Potomac River bridge upstream of the American Legion Bridge. It was also agreed that the commission's next meeting, most likely in early December, would include a bus tour to highlight some of the region's most pressing transportation needs.

The Honorable Vincent F. Callahan, Jr., Co-Chairman
Legislative Services contact: Alan B. Wambold