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Volume 7, 1997

Last updated on January 12, 1998

HJR 498
Joint Subcommittee on Science and Technology
April 30, Richmond

HJR 519
Commission on the Future of Transportation in Virginia
December 10, Richmond
November 17, Richmond
September 3, Richmond
August 11, Richmond
June 16, Richmond
May 19, Richmond

HJR 532
Commission on State and Local Government Responsibility and Taxing Authority
December 16, Richmond
November 20, Herndon
September 22, Emporia
August 12, Charlottesville
July 24, Richmond
June 23, Richmond

HJR 581
Joint Subcommittee Studying Early Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities
November 24, Richmond

HJR 622
Joint Subcommittee to Study Noncredit Education for Workforce Training in Virginia
November 10, Herndon
August 19, Danville
July 8, Chester
June 11, Newport News

HJR 628
Joint Subcommittee to Study Photo Enforcement of Toll Collections
October 8, Richmond

August 14, Richmond

HJR 632
Joint Subcommittee Studying Financing Options for the Purpose of Constructing a Baseball Stadium in Virginia
May 15, Annandale

SJR 29
Joint Subcommittee Studying the Funding Requirements of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act
October 9, Richmond

SJR 259
Joint Subcommittee Studying Electric Utility Restructuring
November 7, Richmond
September 29, Richmond
August 12, Richmond
July 15 and 16, Richmond
March 25, Richmond

Task Force on State and Local Taxation of Electric Utilities
September 19, October 21, Richmond
August 5 and 11, Richmond
July 15, Richmond
June 3, Richmond
April 28, Richmond
March 25, Richmond

SJR 261
Delivery of Governmental Services in the Greater Richmond Area
December 19, Richmond
June 12, Richmond

SJR 300
Joint Subcommittee Studying the Reorganization of the Library of Virginia
July 7, Richmond

SJR 350
Commission on the Commonwealth's Planning and Budget Process
December 19, Richmond
October 15, Richmond
August 25, Richmond
July 30, Richmond

SR 29
Joint Subcommittee Studying On-Farm Sales of Agricultural Products
July 29, Richmond

Coal and Energy Commission
May 12, Abingdon

Commission on Early Childhood and Daycare Programs
November 17, Richmond
September 23, Richmond
June 23, Richmond

Joint Agriculture Subcommittee Studying Industrial Hemp
July 15, Richmond

Joint Commission on Health Care
June 3, Richmond
May 6, Richmond

Joint Commission on Technology and Science
November 19, Richmond
October 22, Richmond
September 24, Richmond
July 1, Richmond

Joint Reapportionment Committee
May 28, Richmond

Joint Subcommittee Studying Agricultural and Forestal Districts
September 10, Richmond
July 29, Richmond

Joint Subcommittee Studying Industrial Swine Production
October 29, Richmond
August 27, Danville

Joint Subcommittee Studying Products Liability Law
September 3, Richmond

Public Utility Easements in Public Rights-of-Way
September 25, Richmond

Special Joint Courts of Justice Subcommittees
September 3, Richmond
July 1, Richmond

Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
September 25, Richmond
July 9, Richmond

Virginia Small Business Commission
October 1, Richmond
July 31, Richmond

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