HJR 519

Commission of the Future of Transportation in Virginia

December 10, 1997, Richmond

The meeting's major focus was consideration of a draft report on the commission's work to the Governor and the 1998 Session of the General Assembly. After a wide-ranging general discussion of the issues raised during the commission's two years of work, the panel agreed to recommend the passage of five pieces of legislation:

  • A bill clarifying the terms "construction" and "maintenance" as they are used in the Code of Virginia in reference to projects carried on, by, or through the Department of Transportation.

  • A bill specifying and defining the purposes of the two major components of the Commonwealth Transportation Fund: the Transportation Trust Fund and the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund.

  • A bill requiring implementation of a comprehensive statewide transportation planning process for all modes of transportation and vesting responsibility for this process in the Secretary of Transportation.

  • A bill increasing the percentage of the Transportation Trust Fund assigned to the support of public transit (and correspondingly decreasing the percentage of the fund assigned to the support of highways) and allowing localities to use their local share of highway funds to support public transit operating costs.

  • A resolution extending the commission's mandate for an additional year.

    The panel also agreed to recommend an amendment to the budget bill to provide for a study of the needs of Virginians who cannot drive.

    There being no objection from the voting members of the commission, the draft final report to the Governor and General Assembly was deemed approved.

    If an extension of the commission's mandate is approved by the 1998 General Assembly, the panel's work in the coming year will most likely focus on prioritizing and providing adequate funding for transportation needs identified in the commission's interim report (House Document No. 12, 1998).

    The Honorable William P. Robinson, Jr., Chairman
    Legislative Services contact: Alan B. Wambold