Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Memorial Commission





Brown v. BOE

MLK Living
History & Public
Policy Center

African Americans
in Virginia

Abraham Lincoln

Black History

Community Service

50th Anniversary
of Closing of Public
Schools in Virginia



Senate Members

House Members

  • Henry L. Marsh, III, Chair
  • Frank M. Ruff, Jr.
  • Mamie Locke
  • William M. Stanley, Jr.
  • Salvatore R. Iaquinto
  • Thomas C. Wright, Jr.
  • C. Matthew Fariss
  • Onzlee Ware
  • Jennifer L. McClellan
  • Roslyn C. Tyler
Citizen Members
  • Juanita Owens Wyatt, Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Va. Senate Rules 2 yrs., expires 6/30/14
  • Dr. Kirk T. Schroder, Esq., Citizen-at-large Senate Rules 2 yrs., expires 6/30/14
  • Ronald Carey Citizen-at-large Senate Rules 2 yrs., expires 6/30/14
  • Charles Withers Citizen-at-large Speaker of the House 4 yrs., expires 6/30/12
  • Lt. Col. (Ret) Wesley H. Motley, Jr. Citizen-at-large Speaker of the House 4 yrs., expires 6/30/12
  • Hon. William C. Cleveland Citizen-at-large Speaker of the House 2 yrs., expires 6/30/12
  • Reverend Ricardo L. Brown, Executive Director, Living the Dream, Inc.
  • Dr. Robert C. Vaughan, President, Foundation for the Humanities and Public Policy
Institutional Representatives
  • Dr. Margery Scott, Professor of Dermatology
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    Norfolk, Virginia
  • Mr. James R. Robinson, Office of Equal Opportunity
    James Madison University
    Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Dr. Gwendolyn Epps Pharr, Department of History
    Norfolk State University
    Norfolk, Virginia 23504
  • Dr. Michael L. Clemons, Director, Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and Associate Professor of Political Science
    Old Dominion University
    Norfolk, Virginia
  • Susan T. Gooden, Ph.D., Associate Professor
    Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Richmond, Virginia
Staff Contact(s)  
  • Brenda Edwards, Division of Legislative Services, (804) 786-3591
  • Christine McCormick, House Committee Operations, (804) 698-1540

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