Prisons and Other Methods of Correction


Privately operated correctional services. Requires any contract for the construction and operation of correctional facilities within the boundaries of the locality to be consented to by the local governing body as to the location and operation of such facility within the boundaries of the locality. Includes language that would permit the state in evaluating the past performance of a correctional corporation who is bidding to provide service to include the experience of persons in management and the experience of a parent company.
Patron - Jackson

Virginia correctional enterprises. Prohibits Virginia correctional enterprises from "passing through" goods not fully manufacturered by prisoners except under limited circumstances.
Patron - O'Brien

Prisons and corrections. Allows judges to permit persons confined in city or county jails to work on town property as well as city or county property and property owned by nonprofit organizations.
Patron - May

Jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority; membership. Requires the sheriff of each participating locality to be a member of a jail or jail farm board or regional jail authority in addition to another representative from the locality. Current law requires at least one representative from each locality and requires the sheriff to be the second appointee of the governing body if there is more than one. However, if the sheriff is the administrator of a local regional jail, he shall not be eligible to serve on the board or authority.
Patron - Joannou

Sheriffs; monthly report to Compensation Board. Provides for the sheriff to forward his monthly prisoner report to the Compensation Board within ten business days of the date due instead of five days.
Patron - Miller, Y.B.

Corrections; home incarceration. Allows good time credit to be awarded to criminal offenders assigned to home/electronic incarceration programs.
Patron - Miller, Y.B.

State correctional facilities; religious services. Allows a Director to appoint a designee, who shall be a state employee, to make arrangements for religious services. If this responsibility is delegated to an individual or group by contract or memorandum of understanding the final authority for arrangements shall reside with the Director or his designee.
Patron - Newman


Regional juvenile detention commissions. Allows the Highlands Juvenile Detention Commission, serving the Twenty-eighth Judicial District, to borrow funds and issue revenue bonds as provided under § 16.1-318.
Patron - Johnson

Corrections; home incarceration. Allows good time credit to be awarded to criminal offenders assigned to home/electronic incarceration programs.
Patron - Davies

Release of inmate; notice. Provides that any person having physical custody of an inmate shall notify the sheriff or jail superintendent whenever the inmate is released or transferred.
Patron - Ingram

Carried Over

Defraying the costs of a prisoner's keep. Provides that sheriffs may establish programs, in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Board of Corrections, to defray costs associated with the keep of a prisoner. The Board shall set the allowable amounts for keep which the sheriffs may then deduct from or charge against a prisoner's account.
Patron - Weatherholtz

Telephone solicitation calls by prisoners. Creates a Class 1 misdemeanor for a prisoner or inmate in any local or state correctional facility to place a telephone call to another previously not acquainted with the prisoner or inmate with the intention of soliciting money or other thing of value.
Patron - O'Brien

Teacher-student ratios at detention homes. Requires that teacher-student ratios for children with disabilities in education programs in detention homes be based on average daily population as calculated on a quarterly basis by the Department of Juvenile Justice.
Patron - Crittenden

Home/electronic incarceration of a juvenile. Provides that no juvenile who at the time he is sentenced is attending or eligible to attend a public primary, secondary or high school shall be sentenced to home/electronic incarceration if such sentence would permit him to attend such public school while being monitored by an electronic device attached to his body.
Patron - Tata