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SJR 388 - Virginia Code Commission: 2007 Code of Virginia Project

June 15, 2005


The Code Commission reviewed the 2007 Code Work Group's proposed organization of titles, in which they are grouped by subject matter rather than arranged on a purely alphabetical basis. Under this scheme, all titles relating to transportation, for example, will be clustered together. The Commission suggested several changes to the outline presented by Legislative Services staff.


Staff presented, and the Commission approved, a plan to reorganize individual Code titles on the chapter and article level, with the goal of completing this level of organization by the October Commission meeting. This level of reorganization will incorporate movement of chapters and
articles from one title to another, as well as merging titles.

July 27, 2005


Staff presented a revised outline of title groupings, taking into account the recommendations made at the Commission's June meeting. Additional changes were suggested, and will be incorporated into the next revision. Major grouping of titles includes: State Government (with titles for the three branches); Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources; Business; Public Safety; Property; and Jurisprudence.

The Commission reiterated its consensus that, as part of the reorganization and renumbering project, the number of titles in the Code should be substantially reduced. Several current titles were specifically mentioned as candidates for merger with other titles. The Code Commission's
suggestions will be incorporated into the reorganization proposals currently in process with DLS staff.


Legislative Services staff submitted proposals for the following current Code titles: 1 (General Provisions), 5.1 (Aviation), 8.1A through 8.11 (Uniform Commercial Code), 24.2 (Elections), 33.1 (Highways, Bridges and Ferries), 37.2 (Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services), 46.2 (Motor Vehicles), and parts of 62.1 (Waters of the State, Ports and
Harbors). Under these proposals, Titles 1, 24.2, and 37.2 remain largely unchanged. The Uniform Commercial Code is collapsed into one title. The Commission approved the proposals for Titles 1, 8.1A through 8.11, 24.2, and 37.2.

The transportation titles become three titles: Motor Vehicles; Highways, Bridges and Ferries; and Aviation, Railroads, Mass Transit and Ports. The proposed changes to the transportation titles (current 5.1, 33.1, 46.2, and parts of 62.1) were discussed. Among Commission members' suggestions were moving items under the control of local government to the local government title and moving motor vehicle violations and habitual offender sections to the criminal law title. Additionally, the Commission decided that future legislation creating special license plates will not be codified. The changes to the transportation titles remain under the Commission's active

All the reorganization proposals presented to the Commission are available for public review on the
website noted below. Future proposals will be available after presentation to the Commission.


The next scheduled work group meeting will be held 10:00 a.m. on September 14, 2005, at the Division of Legislative Services, General Assembly Building, to review proposed chapter/article level reorganizations that will be presented to the Commission at its September 21 meeting.

The Hon. William C. Mims

For information, contact:
Pat Davis or Ken Patterson
DLS Staff



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