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House Transportation Committee's Special Subcommittee on Mopeds and Similar Vehicles

November 17, 2005

The meeting was called to order by Chairman of the subcommittee Delegate Charles W. Carrico, Sr.
Chairman Carrico turned the meeting over to Dr. Alan Wambold, staff for the study, who explained that defining these many different vehicles continues to be a difficult process because of the growing number of different types of mopeds and similar machines. Dr. Wambold stated that the City of Charlottesville submitted to the members of the subcommittee the most comprehensive suggestions to date. The proposed draft legislation deals with not only the definitions, but also noise issues and the carrying of passengers and cargo.
Chairman Carrico suggested that staff work with the City of Charlottesville proposal and draft possible legislation to be introduced in the 2006 Session of the General Assembly.

Chairman Carrico stated that one more meeting may be necessary, but a date was not set. When available, the meeting date will be posted on the General Assembly website.

The Hon. Charles W. Carrico, Jr.

For information, contact:
Alan Wambold and Stephanie Bishop
DLS Staff


Division of Legislative Services > Legislative Record > 2005 

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