SJR 173/HJR 187

Joint Subcommittee to Study the Regulatory Responsibilities, Policies and Activities of the State Corporation Commission

April 17, 2001, Richmond

Beginning its second year of study, the joint subcommittee held its first meeting of the 2001 interim to review the status of the consultant hired by the joint subcommittee and to establish a work plan for the completion of the study.

SCC Consultant

The meeting began with a brief overview of the final report of the consultant hired by the State Corporation Commission (SCC). The SCC had provided copies of the report previously to members of the joint subcommittee. The report included 25 recommendations focusing on a variety of areas but mainly concentrating on the internal operations of the SCC. The joint subcommittee paid special note to the consultant's recommendations concerning the SCC's policy-making process, including the recommendation that the SCC establish a dialogue with legislative leaders on its role and that the SCC actively seek legislative guidance on important matters. Some members of the joint subcommittee were interested in determining how the SCC would implement the recommendations or if an official response to the report would be provided.

The director of the Division of Information Resources indicated that the SCC was still in the process of reviewing the report and had not determined its response or plan of action regarding all of the recommendations. He offered, on behalf of the SCC, to provide a presentation from the consultant at a future meeting of the joint subcommittee. The joint subcommittee resolved to continue monitoring the implementation of the report by the SCC.

Joint Subcommittee Consultant

The joint subcommittee then received a presentation from its consultant. The consultant's interim report, submitted in March 2001, constituted the first stage of the basis for the final report due to the joint subcommittee by August 31, 2001. The primary objective of the report was to explore trends in the industries and the associated regulation of those industries from a more general standpoint.

The first draft of the final report was provided to the joint subcommittee on May 28, 2001. The joint subcommittee resolved that it would be appropriate to allow the SCC to comment on the draft and further to have such comments posted with the report simultaneously. The joint subcommittee set its next meeting for Friday, June 15, 2001, to review the draft report. In addition, staff was directed to ensure that any comments of the SCC on the draft report be made available to the public.

The Honorable Thomas K. Norment, Jr., Chairman
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