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Virginia General Assembly 2008 Session Summary

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Published by the Division of Legislative Services

The summaries that appear in this publication were prepared by the attorneys
and research associates of the Division of Legislative Services.

E.M. Miller, Jr., Director
Tomi Dechant, Assistant to the Director

Rules, Elections & Special Projects Section
Robert J. Austin, Manager
Stephanie Kerns, Staff Assistant
Gwen Foley, Senior Operations Staff Assistant
Iris A. Fuentes, Senior Operations Staff Assistant
Nicole S. Cheuk, Staff Attorney
Jessica Eades, Staff Attorney

Brenda H. Edwards, Senior Research Associate
Cheryl L. Jackson, Manager, Information Services
Elizabeth Palen, Research Associate
Kendall C. Patterson, Chief Editor
Lea Ann Robertson, Assistant Editor
Mary R. Spain, Senior Attorney

Sarah Stanton, Staff Attorney
Mindy Tanner, Editorial and Research Assistant
Lynda L. Waddill, Research Associate

Finance and Government Section
John A. Garka, Manager
Darlene D. Jordan, Senior Operations Staff Assistant
Maria J. K. Everett, Executive Director, FOIA Council
Martin G. Farber, Senior Research Associate
Alan Gernhardt, Staff Attorney
Ellen Porter, Staff Attorney
Joan E. Putney, Senior Attorney
David Rosenberg, Senior Attorney
Jeffrey F. Sharp, Senior Attorney
Caroine Stalker, Staff Attorney

Kevin M. Stokes, Staff Attorney
Mark Vucci, Senior Attorney
Amigo R. Wade, Senior Attorney
Alan B. Wambold, Senior Research Associate

Business and Jurisprudence Section
C. William Crammé III, Manager
Brenda C.Dickerson, Senior Operations Staff Assistant
David Cotter, Staff Attorney
Patrick A. Cushing, Staff Attorney
Mary Kate Felch, Senior Research Associate
Jescey D. French, Senior Attorney
D. Robie Ingram, Senior Attorney
Franklin D. Munyan, Senior Attorney

Gregory T. O'Halloran, Staff Attorney
Lisa Wallmeyer, Staff Attorney and Executive Director, JCOTS

Produced by the Special Projects Section of the Division of Legislative Services

The Division of Legislative Services acknowledges the assistance of the staff of the
Division of Legislative Automated Services, particularly the following individuals:

Larry Garton, Senior Systems Analyst
Barbara A. Timberlake, Publications Coordinator

General Assembly>Division of Legislative Services>Publications>Session Summaries>2008>Credits

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