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Virginia Energy Plan


P SB 841

Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium; membership. Adds Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia to the Virginia Coastal Energy Research Consortium and adds each institution's president or his designee to the board of the Research Consortium. The board is also expanded to include members appointed by the Hampton Roads Technology Council and the Hampton Roads Clean Cities Coalition.
Patron - Devolites Davis

P SB 1152

Energy grant programs. Provides that the provisions of the 2006 Energy Policy Act establishing the Renewable Electricity Production Grant Program and Solar and Wind Energy System Acquisition Fund shall not become effective until appropriations are made to those funds. As originally enacted, the Act provided that the Funds' enabling legislation would expire on July 1, 2009, if any funds were not deposited to the Funds by July 1, 2009. The measure also provides that the grants do not apply to activities occurring prior to January 1, 2007, revises the process by which eligible persons may apply for a grant, and requires that eligible wind-power generators must meet applicable performance and quality standards as specified by the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy.
Patron - Wagner


F SB 1122

Offshore oil and gas royalties. Obligates the state to distribute at least 50% of all royalty payments received from offshore oil and gas production equally among residents of the Commonwealth. The other 50% shall be credited to the Transportation Trust Fund.
Patron - Cuccinelli

F SB 1396

Offshore energy. States that it is the policy of the Commonwealth (i) to support federal funding for the Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, (ii) to support the inclusion of the area off Virginia's Atlantic coast for further study and analysis and possible lease sales as part of the Department of the Interior's 2007-2012 Five Year Leasing Plan with respect to exploration 50 miles or more off the Atlantic shoreline, and (iii) to urge the President of the United States to revoke the administrative withdrawal from exploratory and leasing activity of submerged lands that are 50 miles or more off the Atlantic shoreline of the Commonwealth.
Patron - Wagner


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