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P HB1597

Roanoke Regional Airport Commission. Allows the Commission to change the name of Roanoke Regional Airport, Woodrum Field to another name, provided the words "Woodrum Field" are part of the new name. The bill makes other technical and editorial corrections as well.
Patron - Fralin

P HB1792

Aircraft insurance requirements. Allows proof of financial responsibility with respect to ultralight aircraft to be satisfied by a liability insurance policy issued by a surplus lines carrier. Currently, ultralight aircraft may be insured by a single-limit policy with limits of $100,000, but the policy must be issued by an insurance company licensed in Virginia. Insurance on other types of aircraft may currently be obtained either from a licensed insurance company or through a surplus lines broker.
Patron - Cox

P SB1113

Clarksville-Boydton Airport Commission. Allows the towns of Boydton and Clarksville to create an airport commission with powers typical of other airport commissions.
Patron - Ruff


F HB1603

Department of Aviation; Commonwealth Airport Fund. Takes $5 million per year for three years "off the top" of the Commonwealth Airport Fund to be used by the Department of Aviation to award grants to nonhub and small hub Virginia airports to provide incentives for service by low-cost airlines.
Patron - Fralin

F SB1094

Eminent domain; accident potential zones of Master Jet Base. Permits any locality in which a Master Jet Base is located and any adjacent locality to acquire property within an accident potential zone of the Master Jet Base through the power of eminent domain. Once acquired, the property or interest therein may be transferred to the United States or any department or agency of the United States, but shall not be sold to a private party other than the original owner or successor in title.
Patron - Stolle

F SB1311

Flying under the influence; penalties. Provides that any person who performs or is assigned to perform any duty in an aircraft during the time in which the aircraft is undergoing preflight inspection or maintenance, boarding or carrying passengers or crew, or at any time the aircraft is under power or in flight while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is guilty of a crime. The current felony of operating an aircraft while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any narcotic or habit-forming drug remains unchanged. Violation of the other provisions is a Class 1 misdemeanor. The offender is prohibited from acting as flight crew for 12 months for a first offense and for 24 months for a second or subsequent offense within five years of the prior offense. Provisions regarding implied consent, blood alcohol concentrations, tests and refusal are added. The existing crime of reckless operation of an aircraft is moved to a new section.
Patron - Norment


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