Military and Emergency Laws


P HB536

Employees of localities on military leave. Provides that any local government may pay an employee when activated for federally funded military duty all or any portion of the difference between his regular pay and the military pay received during all or any part of the term of active federally funded duty.
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P HB1372

Active duty National Guard, militia, etc. Guarantees a member of the Virginia National Guard, Virginia State Defense Force or naval militia called to active state duty by the Governor the right to take leave without pay from his civilian employment. The bill also guarantees that, after his service, if the employee is still qualified for his previous employment, he shall be immediately restored to his previous position or to a position of like seniority, status and salary, unless the employer's circumstances now make the restoration unreasonable and that if the employee is no longer qualified for his previous position, he shall be placed in another position, for which he is qualified, and that will give him appropriate seniority, status and salary, unless the employer's circumstances now make the placement unreasonable.
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F HB462

Camp Pendleton Fund. Creates the Camp Pendleton Fund from all moneys paid by the City of Virginia Beach for the lease of property at Camp Pendleton along General Booth Boulevard for use as a parking lot. All amounts in the Fund shall be used solely for facilities and activities at Camp Pendleton.
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F HB1044

Unauthorized waste or oil discharges; notification requirements. Requires a person who without authorization discharges sewage, waste or any noxious or deleterious substance into state waters, or with a reasonable expectation of entering state waters, to notify the emergency services director or coordinator of the affected locality within 24 hours of the discharge. Under current law, the person can notify either the Director of the Department of Environmental Quality or the local emergency services coordinator. The bill changes current law to subject certain underground storage tanks to statutory discharge notification requirements from which they were previously excluded. This bill also requires the local emergency services director or his designee to notify in writing all local neighborhood or civic associations whose members' property could reasonably be foreseen to be affected by certain unauthorized waste or oil discharges. The local emergency services director shall keep such associations informed until such time as the site has been remediated or the State Water Control Board determines that no further action is needed.
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C HB800

Department of Emergency Management; Office of Preparedness and Coordination. Creates, within the Department of Emergency Management, an Office of Preparedness and Coordination (the "Office"). The Office shall be responsible for coordinating with local governments and private industry to ensure the Commonwealth has the most up-to-date preparedness plans to respond to and prevent acts of terrorism. The bill defines "private industry."
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