Labor and Employment


P HB186

Wages; time of payment for highly compensated employees. Permits employers to pay monthly any hourly employee who earns more than 150 percent of the average weekly wage of the Commonwealth, with the agreement of the affected employee.
Patron - Parrish

P HB668

Civil immunity; employees reporting threats. Immunizes an employee from civil liability that might result from his truthfully reporting a co-employee's threatening conduct. Threatening conduct is defined as conduct that would place a person in reasonable apprehension of death or bodily injury.
Patron - Cox

P HB814

Labor unions; abstention requirement. Prohibits employers from requiring a person to abstain or refrain from holding office in a labor union or labor organization as a condition of gaining or continuing employment.
Patron - Almand

P SB102

Discrimination on the basis of genetic information. Prohibits employers from (i) requiring a genetic test as a condition of employment and (ii) refusing to hire, failing to promote, discharging or otherwise adversely affecting any term or condition of employment, other than a long-term care, life or disability insurance policy, an employee or prospective employee solely on the basis of the results of a genetic characteristic or genetic test. Violators are subject to actual or punitive damages, including back pay with interest, or injunctive relief. This bill is identical to HB 1307.
Patron - Howell


F HB145

Labor and employment; governmental employee associations. Permits employees of the Commonwealth, its political subdivisions, or any governmental agency of any of them, to form associations for the purpose of discussing their interests with their employing agencies whenever such agencies agree to engage in such discussions. Current law permits these governmental employees to form such associations for the purpose of promoting their interests before their employing agencies.
Patron - Darner

F HB867

Employment; leave for volunteer fire and rescue service. Requires employers to allow employees unpaid leave to serve with a volunteer fire department or rescue squad, if the unit has been recognized by an ordinance or resolution of the political subdivision where the volunteer fire department or rescue squad is located as being a part of the safety program of such political subdivision. Employers are required to develop personnel policies allowing for the use of the leave.
Patron - Phillips

Carried Over

C HB581

Genetic characteristics; discrimination. Declares it to be the policy of the Commonwealth to safeguard individuals from unlawful discrimination based on genetic characteristic. Conduct that violates Virginia or federal law governing discrimination on the basis of a genetic characteristic is defined to be an unlawful discriminatory practice. Contracting agencies entering into procurement contracts with the Commonwealth are required to agree that they will not discriminate against employees or applicants on the basis of a genetic characteristic that is not a bona fide occupational qualification reasonably necessary to perform the normal operation of the contractor.
Patron - Welch


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