P Passed

P HB40
Claims; Garrett, Thomas A. Provides for the payment of $11,000 to Thomas A. Garrett for the cost of an alternative sand filter waste disposal system, to be paid from the Onsite Sewage Indemnification Fund.
Patron - Dickinson

P HB62
Claims; Dugan, Christopher. Provides relief for Christopher Dugan, whose father is a United States Army veteran. Dugan was denied eligibility under the Virginia War Orphans Education Program because at the time of his application he was twenty-seven years old and over the twenty-five- year old age limit. The Veterans' Administration provided his father with a 100 percent disability rating effective as of September 15, 1994, but did not inform him of the rating until November 24, 1997. The over-three-year period that elapsed left Dugan beyond the eligible age limit. The bill provides for the Director of the Department of Veterans' Affairs to review Dugan's eligibility application for educational assistance notwithstanding the age and to provide such assistance as he would be entitled under the Virginia War Orphans Education Program.
Patron - McQuigg

P HB80
Claims; Murray, George M. Provides relief for George M. Murray in the amount of 76.5459 percent of the Virginia income taxes actually paid on Mr. Murray's federal retirement income for the taxable years 1985 through 1988. Mr. Murray returned a Form FR 1 indicating that he elected to be bound by the outcome of the Harper litigation but the Department of Taxation did not receive the form.
Patron - Tata

P HB183
Awards service handgun to widow of Troy D. Ashe. Awards the service handgun of Virginia State Trooper Troy D. Ashe to his widow.
Patron - Bloxom

P HB229
Claims; Farrell, Kathy Irene. Provides $25,000 in relief to Kathy Irene Farrell. Mrs. Farrell's husband, William Patrick Farrell, was a police officer with the Town of Front Royal who died in 1991 as the result of his contracting hepatitis from a bite during an arrest in 1977. Mrs. Farrell's claim for benefits under the Line of Duty Act (§§ 2.1-133.5 through 2.1-133.11) was denied by the Comptroller because it was not received within five years of her husband's death.
Patron - Katzen

P HB235
Claims; Tiller, Deborah P. Provides $100,000 in relief to Deborah P. Tiller. One-half of such sum is payable on or before July 1, 2000, and the balance is to be paid in five equal installments from July 1, 2001, through July 1, 2005, contingent upon written mental and physical evaluations, and upon her not returning to work in the corrections field. Ms. Tiller was a hearing officer at the Virginia Correctional Facility for Women operated by the Department of Corrections. In 1996, Ms. Tiller was attacked by an inmate, who was angered by the penalty imposed on her by Ms. Tiller during a hearing. The attack resulted in emotional and physical damage and ultimately caused Ms. Tiller to retire.
Patron - Dickinson

P HB621
Department of Military Affairs; Waller Road Depot. Authorizes the conveyance of a 50-foot portion of the parcel of real property known as the Waller Road Depot held by the Department of Military Affairs, consisting of 0.38 acres, more or less, located on Waller Road in Henrico County, to Linwood S. Raikes, with the approval of the Governor and in a form approved by the Attorney General. The Department of Military Affairs will receive the proceeds from the property conveyance.
Patron - Rhodes

P HB1399
Provision of fire protection or emergency medical services by a for profit entity. Provides that any county, city or town that, as of June 30, 2000, provided fire protection or emergency medical services for its citizens through the utilization of a fire department, emergency services personnel or fire protection personnel, may not thereafter provide fire protection or emergency medical services by utilizing an entity that provides fire protection for the county, city or town for profit under contract or other agreement and that is not a county, city or town, or a department of a county, city or town, or a state or federal agency, unless first approved by a majority of voters at a referendum to be held on the date of the next general election. The bill provides, however, that a county, city or town shall not be required to obtain referendum approval prior to contracting for such services, for a period not exceeding 12 months, if the county, city or town has, by ordinance or resolution, declared a need to temporarily supplement its existing personnel.
Patron - Hamilton

P HB1539
Blue Ridge Hospital. Authorizes the Governor to convey Blue Ridge Hospital, located at the base of Monticello Mountain, on such terms and conditions in a manner that respects the historical and environmental significance of Monticello Mountain. In 1978, the hospital was conveyed by the Virginia Department of Health to the Rectors and Visitors of the University of Virginia. The bill states that all medical activities have ceased at the hospital and that the only remaining activity on the property, a day-care facility, is scheduled to close on June 30, 2000.
Patron - Rust

P SB660
Concealed weapons permit; purchase of handguns by certain officers. Allows a former Superintendent of the Department of State Police who leaves service after a minimum of five years to purchase his service weapon for one dollar.
Patron - Wampler

F Failed

F HB199
Claims; Taylor, Katherine Miller. Provides $1,050.00 in relief to Katherine Miller Taylor. The amount represents the legal costs spent by Ms. Taylor to pursue a grievance with Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute based on a determination by the Department of Employee Relations Counselors that the grievance was sufficient to proceed to a hearing.
Patron - Tate

F HB207
Claims; Wright, Steven B. Provides $22,000 in relief for Steven B. Wright. Mr. Wright expended the money pursuing a grievance against the Department of Environmental Quality after he was assigned to a new position within the agency. The hearing conducted pursuant to the grievance resulted in a finding that DEQ's assignment to the new position was arbitrary and recommended reinstatement to the former position.
Patron - Cranwell

F HB212
Claims; Yates, James A. Provides $3,227.19 in relief to James A. Yates. Mr. Yates was employed by the Brunswick County School Board in 1998 as an automotive mechanic when injuries suffered in an automobile accident prevented him from performing his heavy work requirements and necessitated his application for permanent disability. The Board's benefits administrator improperly delayed submission of the disability application to the Virginia Retirement System for seven months, resulting in Mr. Yates being deprived of disability benefits for that period of time. The bill provides for the claim to be allocated from the distribution of net ABC profits appropriated to Brunswick County pursuant to pursuant to § 4.1-117 of the Code of Virginia.
Patron - DeBoer

F HB227
Claims; Sims, Jeffrey L. Provides $350,000 in relief for Mr. Sims because the VRS failed to notify him of his retirement options.
Patron - Robinson

F HB298
Claims; Tiller, Deborah P. Provides $150,000 in relief to Deborah P. Tiller. Ms. Tiller was a hearing officer at the Virginia Correctional Facility for Women operated by the Department of Corrections. In 1996, Mrs. Tiller was attacked by an inmate, who was angered by the penalty imposed on her by Mrs. Tiller during a hearing. The attack resulted in emotional and physical damage and ultimately caused Ms. Tiller to retire. Despite Ms. Tiller's requests for increased security during hearings, the DOC made no additional arrangements for her safety up to the time of the attack.
Patron - Dickinson

F HB323
Claims; Canterbury Village subdivision. Provides for the payment of $124,000 for the relief of residents of the Canterbury Village subdivision located in Fauquier County. The water supply for the subdivision failed due to the owner's continued failure to comply with the law pertaining to the operation of a waterworks over the course of several years. The bill provides for $62,000 of the payment to come from the state treasury and $62,000 to come from the general fund appropriation to the Department of Health state local cooperative health budget from such funds that would be appropriated to the Fauquier County Health Department. The bill also provides for the Department of Health to place the funds in escrow to be used to cover the expenses of connecting the subdivision to an adjoining waterworks system.
Patron - Katzen

F HB336
Claims; Peters, Kenneth. Provides $10,143.80 in relief to Kenneth Peters. Mr. Peters served as an officer in the City of Martinsville Police Department for 12 years and four months when he resigned to accept a position with the civil police force in Bosnia. After initially being informed by the Department that he would be able to take a one-year leave of absence, he had to resign when informed just before leaving that the leave of absence would not be accepted. The amount of the relief is to compensate Mr. Peters for between 100 and 110 full working days of sick time that he had accumulated at the time of his resignation.
Patron - Armstrong

Claims; Stophel, Henry. Provides $65,000 in relief for Henry Stophel, contingent upon his deeding his property in Henry County to the Commonwealth. Beginning with rains from Hurricane Fran, Mr. Stophel's property has sustained severe soil erosion and mud slides. The house was built on unstable soil, and the combination of soil saturation from heavy rainfall and the presence of the road cut at the toe of the slope caused the failure of the soil. The erosion problem was exacerbated by the Department of Transportation's removing fill dirt from a highway adjacent to his property following the initial mud slide in 1996. The assessed value of Mr. Stophel's property is less than the cost of constructing improvements to stabilize the hillside.
Patron - Reynolds

F SB133
Claims; Grammer, Vernon H. Provides $8,500 in relief to Vernon H. Grammer. Mr. Grammer owns property on which he operates a retirement home for senior adults. In September 1999, severe rains from Hurricane Floyd resulted in unprecedented flooding of a pond and damage to a dam on Mr. Grammer's property. Due to the damage, VDOT closed Route 616, which crosses the dam and serves as the main access road to Mr. Grammer's property. In order to repair the dam and restore access to his property, Mr. Grammer incurred expenses of $8,500.
Patron - Chichester

F SB738
Property lease. Authorizes the Department of Education to lease property known as Fleming Hall, to the R. E. Lee Camp No. 1, Soldiers Home Memorial, Inc.
Patron - Hanger

C Carried Over

C HB228
Claims; Frazier, William R. Provides $10,000 in relief to William R. Frazier for fencing damaged by the Department of Transportation while performing improvements to State Route 651.
Patron - Katzen

C HB346
Claims; John C. Grimberg Co., Inc. Provides $1.2 million in relief to John C. Grimberg Co., Inc. (Grimberg). The company was hired by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) to perform a construction project. A dispute arose during the construction and MWAA improperly acted to delay proper settlement of the dispute causing Grimberg to needlessly expend the money in litigation expenses and attorney fees.
Patron - Marshall

C HB1549
Claims; Lawton, Steve. Provides $500,000 in relief for Steve Lawton. Mr. Lawton was incarcerated between 1988 and 1997 for a crime which he did not commit. He was pardoned by Governor Allen in 1997after the alleged victim recanted her testimony.
Patron - Crittenden

C SB156
Claims; Hall, Floyd and Karen. Provides $50,000 in relief to Floyd and Karen Hall (the "Halls"). The Hall's daughter, Ms. Lisa Renee Hall ("Ms. Hall"), took her life in 1995. Ms. Hall spoke with school personnel about her suicidal thoughts. The Halls were never informed of these discussions by school personnel or Ms. Hall. Additionally, Ms. Hall never informed her parents of her suicidal thoughts. The Halls brought litigation against the local school board but did not prevail in Bedford County. The 1999 Session of the General Assembly passed SB 1250 that requires licensed school personnel, in certain circumstances, to contact a parent of a student whom they believe is at imminent risk of suicide.
Patron - Newman


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