Unemployment Compensation

P Passed

P HB2130
Unemployment compensation; tax rates for new employers. Repeals the sunset provision on the current statutory provisions prescribing unemployment tax rates for employers new to the Virginia unemployment compensation program. Legislation passed in 1995 replaced a three-year 2.5 percent flat rate and allowed new employers to be experience-rated at an earlier time. These provisions will presently expire on January 1, 2000.
Patron - Rust

P HB2299
Unemployment compensation; appeal of Virginia Employment Commission decisions. Establishes as 30 days the time limit for appealing certain Virginia Employment Commission ("VEC") decisions, including appealing a decision of: (i) the VEC that an employing unit failed to submit a required report, (ii) the VEC assigning an experience record in the course of a business acquisition, (iii) a deputy commissioner, and (iv) an appeals tribunal.
Patron - Davis

P HB2311
Unemployment compensation; disqualification for benefits; misconduct. Establishes, as a basis for unemployment compensation benefits disqualification, false statements of a material nature concerning criminal convictions made in job applications. However, such statements must be a basis for the termination, and the employer must have terminated the employee promptly upon discovering such false statements. The Commissioner is authorized to consider evidence of mitigating circumstances in determining whether misconduct occurred.
Patron - Behm

P SB1130
Employment; critical shortage of qualified workers list. Requires the Virginia Employment Commission to determine and publish a list of jobs, trades, and professions for which a high demand for qualified workers exists or is projected by the Commission. The Commission is required to consult with the Statewide Workforce Training Council in making such determination.
Patron - Maxwell

F Failed

F HB1573
Relating to unemployment compensation; benefit reductions; pensions. Eliminates in current law, unemployment compensation benefit reductions related to the receipt of governmental and other pensions as well as similar retirement pay or benefits, whenever such pensions or benefits are funded, in whole or in part, by the unemployment compensation claimant.
Patron - Hull

F HB1574
Unemployment compensation; overpayments resulting from retroactive social security pension award. Prohibits the Virginia Employment Commission from collecting any unemployment compensation benefit overpayments resulting from an individual's retroactive social security pension award. Under current law, unemployment compensation benefits are reduced by all governmental and other pension benefits, including social security benefits, received by unemployment compensation claimants. Thus, overpayments can result from retroactive social security pension awards made to an individual then receiving unemployment compensation benefits.
Patron - Hull

F HB2362
Unemployment compensation; labor disputes. Provides that employer "lockouts" (in which employers cease to furnish work to employees or withhold work from them) are not "labor disputes" for the purposes of unemployment compensation laws. Under current law, individuals unemployed because of labor disputes are ineligible for unemployment compensation benefits.
Patron - McEachin


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