Religious and Charitable Matters; Cemeteries

P Passed

P HB2148
Professional solicitors. Requires professional solicitors to file a final accounting report with the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services within 90 days of the completion of a solicitation campaign. The bill also provides for an extension of the filing period and the fees that may be imposed for late filing.
Patron - Cantor

P HB2392
Solicitation of contributions; enforcement; penalties. Authorizes the Attorney General, any attorney for the Commonwealth or the attorney for any city, county or town to bring an action in the name of the Commonwealth when they have reason to believe that any charitable or civic organization, professional fund-raising counsel or professional solicitor has operated or is about to operate in violation of the laws governing charitable solicitations. Current law authorizes such actions when they have reason to believe such organizations or individuals are currently operating in violation of the laws governing charitable solicitations. The bill also provides for the separate award of attorney's fees in actions brought to enforce the chapter. The fees, if awarded, will be paid into the state or local general fund.
Patron - Cantor

F Failed

Religious and charitable matters; religious freedom preserved. Provides that no government entity shall substantially burden a person's free exercise of religion except if (i) the government entity proves that application of the restriction to the person is essential to further a compelling governmental interest and (ii) the proposed action is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest. "Government entity" as defined under the bill includes state and local governments and those officials acting under color of state law. The bill provides that a person whose exercise of religious freedom has been burdened may assert a claim of violation in a judicial proceeding and the court may grant appropriate relief, including attorney's fees.
Patron - McEachin


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