P Passed

P HB1501
Aid to public libraries. Repeals the provision capping the costs incurred by the Library Board in administering aid to public libraries and "providing other public library extension functions" at 30 percent of appropriations. Since 1936, the Commonwealth has declared in statute its library policy "as part of its provision for public education, . . to promote the establishment and development of public library service throughout its various political subdivisions." To support this policy, the Library Board is to administer, from such funds as are appropriated, state grants for the development of library services. Available to any free public library or library system qualifying under Board standards, these state grants are to encourage not only the maintenance of appropriate library standards, but also the consolidation of libraries or library systems into "larger and more economical units of service." Calculated pursuant to a statutory formula, grant amounts may be based on local matching funds, local population, or a geographic service area.
Patron - Diamonstein

F Failed

F HB1561
Public libraries; limiting computer access to obscene material. Places limitations on public library patron access to the Internet and other components of the electronic information infrastructure. It is not applicable to libraries in public or private elementary or secondary schools. Public libraries receiving any state funding are required by this bill to obtain computer hardware and software inhibiting library patron access via library computers to obscene materials, child pornography, and material harmful to juveniles. The bill provides that no library shall receive public funds unless its board certifies annually to the Librarian of Virginia and the Secretary of Finance that computer hardware and software have been installed to inhibit, to the fullest extent possible, library patron access via library computers to obscene materials, child pornography, or materials harmful to juveniles, and that such hardware and software have been kept operational at all times.
Patron - Black

F SB748
Law libraries. Authorizes any county, city or town in the Northern Virginia Planning District to assess, as costs, four dollars or less against each convicted defendant in a traffic or criminal case for law library use. The eligible law libraries are in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Prince William.
Patron - Gartlan


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