Virginia General Assembly 1999 Session Summary

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This publication presents a summary of legislation considered by the Virginia General Assembly at the 1999 Session. Bill summaries are arranged by subject areas corresponding to the appropriate titles in the Code of Virginia. Noncodified bills of a substantive nature are also contained under their proper subject headings. Within each heading, the material is further separated into Passed and Failed categories. (The General Assembly sometimes incorporates provisions from several bills in one substitute bill. Thus a bill may have failed, but some of its provisions have been "incorporated" in another bill. The summary for the bill will so note.) Bills affecting more than one title are printed under the dominant subject area of the legislation.

Other headings contain constitutional amendment resolutions, certain miscellaneous resolutions, charter and authority bills, and miscellaneous noncodified bills (including budget and bond bills). A final category lists studies approved by the General Assembly. An index shows the page number on which the summary of a particular bill may be found.

The major substantive provisions of each measure are summarized. The appropriate bill number and patron are also noted so that one can obtain further information, if needed. A researcher should refer to the enrolled bill, the appropriate chapter of the 1999 Acts of Assembly, or the Internet ( for detailed information on legislation.

These summaries reflect actions of the 1999 General Assembly through adjournment sine die on February 27, 1999. Many of the measures are subject to gubernatorial review and veto. Therefore, some measures may be amended and some may not become law.

This document represents many hours of work and the concerted efforts of all Division of Legislative Services staff. I hope you will join me in thanking the staff for its dedicated service to the legislative process. A special word of thanks goes to the Division of Legislative Automated Systems, which provided technical and printing assistance that contributed greatly to the success of this publication.

E.M. Miller, Jr.
Director, Division of Legislative Services

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