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Regulatory Alert

A Convenient Guide to Regulatory Activity in the Commonwealth

September, 2007

The Regulatory Alert is intended to assist General Assembly members as they keep up with the myriad regulations being proposed by agencies in the Commonwealth. The goal of this project is to provide a timely, simple, and accurate summary of the rules that are being proposed by agencies, boards, and commissions. Highlighting regulations when they are published as "proposed regulations" gives General Assembly members notice that the critical public participation phase of the rulemaking process is well underway. It is during the public participation process that the questions of an Assembly member or constituent may be most effectively communicated to the agency and examined by the individuals crafting the regulatory proposal.

The Regulatory Alert is not intended to be a substitute for the comprehensive information on agency rulemaking activity that is currently published biweekly in the Virginia Register of Regulations or the notification services offered by the Regulatory Town Hall website maintained by the Department of Planning and Budget. It is hoped that the Legislative Record will assist all members as they monitor the development, modification and repeal of administrative rules in the Commonwealth.

Access the Virginia Register of Regulations online at http://legis.state.va.us/codecomm/register/issfiles.htm or contact epalen@leg.state.va.us or the Code Commission staff at (804) 786-3591 for further information.



4VAC15-270. Game: Firearms (adding 4VAC15-270-90).

A public hearing will be held on October 16, 2007 at 9 a.m. at the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, 4000 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA.

The proposed amendment fulfills the requirement of Chapter 642 of the 2007 Acts of Assembly and §29.1-528 A of the Code of Virginia by promulgating model local government ordinances for hunting with firearms. The model ordinances address such matters as the caliber of the firearm, the type of firearm, and the type of ammunition used when hunting within a locality; individual Virginia county or city governments subsequently would have the option of adopting or not adopting one or more such model local government ordinances. The proposed amendment would not enact the model local government ordinances either statewide or within specific localities; rather, the applicability of one or more model ordinance in any Virginia locality would be dependent on the respective individual county or city governments subsequently adopting such model ordinance or ordinances.

For additional information please contact Phil Smith, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Coordinator, Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, telephone (804) 367-1000, fax (804) 367-0488, or email regcomments@dgif.virginia.gov.



14VAC5-420. Rules Governing Military Sales Practices (adding 14VAC5-420-10 through 14VAC5-420-60).

Public comments may be submitted to the State Corporation Commission until October 15, 2007.

In September 2006, Congress passed the Military Personnel Financial Services Protection Act (Pub. L. No. 109-290). Congress found it imperative that members of the United States Armed Forces be shielded from "abusive and misleading sales practices" and protected from certain life insurance products that were "improperly marketed as investment products, providing minimal death benefits in exchange for excessive premiums...., making them entirely inappropriate for most military personnel." To address these concerns, Congress required that the states collectively work with the Secretary of Defense to ensure implementation of appropriate standards to protect members of the Armed Forces from dishonest and predatory sales practices while on a military installation. To that end, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners worked with the Department of Defense to develop the Military Sales Practices Model Regulation to address these Congressional mandates. The rules proposed by the Bureau of Insurance closely follow the Model Regulation.

For additional information please contact James Young, Senior Market Examiner, State Corporation Commission, telephone (804) 371-9532 or email james.young @scc.virginia.gov.



22VAC5-30. The Virginia Public Guardian and Conservator Program (adding 22VAC5-30-10 through 22VAC5-30-60).

Public comments may be submitted to the Department for the Aging until 5 p.m. on November 16, 2007.

The proposed regulation sets forth requirements for the statewide Virginia Public Guardian and Conservator Program to ensure uniformity among programs in serving eligible persons, at public expense, who need a guardian or conservator or both, to assist them in meeting essential requirements for physical and emotional health and management of financial resources, as appropriate.

For additional comment please contact Janet James, Esq., State Legal Services Developer, Department for the Aging, telephone (804) 662-7049, fax (804) 662-9354, or email janet.james@vda.virginia.gov.

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