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Regulatory Alert

A Convenient Guide to Regulatory Activity in the Commonwealth

August, 2007

The Regulatory Alert is intended to assist General Assembly members as they keep up with the myriad regulations being proposed by agencies in the Commonwealth. The goal of this project is to provide a timely, simple, and accurate summary of the rules that are being proposed by agencies, boards, and commissions. Highlighting regulations when they are published as "proposed regulations" gives General Assembly members notice that the critical public participation phase of the rulemaking process is well underway. It is during the public participation process that the questions of an Assembly member or constituent may be most effectively communicated to the agency and examined by the individuals crafting the regulatory proposal.

The Regulatory Alert is not intended to be a substitute for the comprehensive information on agency rulemaking activity that is currently published biweekly in the Virginia Register of Regulations or the notification services offered by the Regulatory Town Hall website maintained by the Department of Planning and Budget. It is hoped that the Legislative Record will assist all members as they monitor the development, modification and repeal of administrative rules in the Commonwealth.

Access the Virginia Register of Regulations online at http://legis.state.va.us/codecomm/register/issfiles.htm or contact epalen@leg.state.va.us or the Code Commission staff at (804) 786-3591 for further information.



Proposed Regulation
6VAC20-160. Rules Relating to the Court-Appointed Special Advocate Program (CASA (amending 6VAC20-160-10 through 6VAC20-160-40, 6VAC20-160-80, 6VAC20-160-100, 6VAC20-160-110, 6VAC20-160-120).

A public hearing will be held November 16, 2007 at 10 a.m. in the General Assembly Building, House Room C, 910 Capitol Street, Richmond, VA. Public comment may be submitted to the Criminal Justice Services Board until November 2, 2007.


The Criminal Justice Services Board (board) proposes to amend its rules for the court appointed special advocate (CASA) program in several ways. The board proposes to (i) change the staff-to-volunteer ratio that CASA programs must maintain, (ii) reduce from three to two the number of children/sibling groups for whom a CASA volunteer may advocate at any one time, and (iii)) allow volunteer training obtained before application to a local CASA program to count toward required training hours so long as that training meets National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (NCASAA) standards. The board also proposes to specify the topics that must be covered in training for new CASA governing board members and require a central registry background check for all volunteer applicants who have lived outside of Virginia any time in the last five years.

For additional information please contact Judith Kirkendall, Regulatory Coordinator, Department of Criminal Justice Services, Richmond, VA, telephone (804) 786-8003, fax (804) 786-0410, or email judith.kirkendall@dcjs.virginia.gov.



Proposed Regulation
17VAC15-120. Regulations Governing the Destruction of Public Records Containing Social Security Numbers (adding 17VAC15-120-10, 17VAC15-120-20, 17VAC15-120-30).

Written public comment may be submitted to the Library Board until November 2, 2007.

Summary :

The proposed regulation addresses best methods for destruction of public records containing social security numbers so that the social security numbers in these records cannot be used for identity theft. The regulation provides that any public records, regardless of media, that contain social security numbers are to be destroyed at the end of their retention period in a manner that protects the confidentiality of the information. These records are to be destroyed, made electronically inaccessible, or erased so as to make social security numbers unreadable by any means.

For additional information please contact Conley Edwards, State Archivist, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA, telephone (804) 692-3554, fax (804) 692-3600, TTY 804-692-3976, or email conley.edwards@lva.virginia.gov.



Proposed Regulation
18VAC130-20. Real Estate Appraiser Board Rules and Regulations (amending 18VAC130-20-10, 18VAC130-20-70, 18VAC130-20-180, 18VAC130-20-200, 18VAC130-20-230).

A public hearing will be held on October 16, 2007, at 10 am, at the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, The Perimeter Center, 9960 Mayland Drive, Second Floor, Richmond, VA 23233. Written public comment may be submitted to the Real Estate Appraiser Board until November 2, 2007.


The proposed amendments (i) reword the definitions of “certified residential real estate appraiser” and “licensed residential real estate appraiser” to ensure that appraisers provide review appraisals only for those properties for which they are licensed to appraise, (ii) amend application requirements for prelicensure courses and instructors to require that submitted applications be completed within 12 months of the date of receipt of the application and fee, (iii) require that licensees produce documents requested by the board within 10 working days of the request and broaden the definition of documents to include work files and electronic records, (iv) repeal the requirement that the records be made available only at the licensee’s place of business, (v) require that the licensee respond to any inquiry made by the board within 21 days and not just the complaints requested under 18VAC130-20-180 H 1, (vi) prohibit a licensee from providing false, misleading, or incomplete information in the investigation of a complaint filed with the board, and (vii) no longer allow credit for licensing to be awarded for prelicensure courses completed by challenge examination without classroom attendance.

For additional information please contact Kevin Hoeft, Board Administrator, Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, Richmond, VA 23233, telephone (804) 367-8552, FAX (804) 524-4298, or email reappraisers@dpor.virginia.gov.



Proposed Regulation
19VAC30-190. Regulations Relating to the Issuance of Nonresident Concealed Handgun Carry Permits (adding 19VAC30-190-10 through 19VAC30-190-140).

Written public comment may be submitted until November 5, 2007 to Donna Tate, Firearms Manager at the Department of State Police.


The proposed amendments establish the procedures that will be utilized to implement the provisions of §18.2-308 P 1 of the Code of Virginia, which authorized the Virginia Department of State Police to issue nonresident concealed handgun carry permits.

For additional information contact Robert G. Kemmler, Lt. Col., Director, Bureau of Administrative and Support Services, Department of State Police, Richmond VA, telephone (804) 674-4606, fax (804)674-2111, or email nonrespermit@

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