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HJR 25: Joint Subcommittee Studying Science, Math, & Technology Education

October 25, 2007

The Joint Subcommittee Studying Science, Technology and Math Education in the Commonwealth held its third meeting of the 2007 interim at Mountain View Elementary School on October 25, 2007, with Delegate John Cosgrove as chair.

During the meeting, members of the joint subcommittee and members of the public viewed and participated in an education outreach program sponsored by Micron Technologies. The program involved four Micron employees teaching students about the different states of matter and a process known as sublimation, which is the transformation of a solid to a gas.

After viewing the Micron lessons, members of the joint subcommittee were able to view a math class utilizing the investigations math process. During the lesson, students were learning how to add doubles, such as 64 and 64, using several different procedures. After an introduction by the teacher, students were then able to participate in three different activities to help reinforce the material.

Guest Speakers

George Cushman, Executive Director, Hispanic Youth Symposium (HYS)
Mr. Cushman reviewed his organization’s efforts to encourage Hispanic students to enter college. Using a cultural centric approach, HYS is achieving a 90% retention level in college for students that participate in its program. Of the students entering college, Mr. Cushman identified 40% that were majoring in a STEM related field. Further information and the presentation are available on the study website.

Dr. Cannaday, Virginia Department of Education (DOE), Superintendent of Public Instruction
Dr. Cannaday led the final discussion and presented an overview of current and proposed initiatives at the DOE to promote STEM education. His remarks can be accessed on the study website.

Three particular efforts directly applicable to the work of the HJR 25 joint subcommittee were reviewed. The DOE's efforts to enable high school students to seek industry certifications by allowing students to pursue these certifications while attending school was discussed. The benefit to students comes not only through achieving a valuable certification, but also witnessing first-hand the applicability of the skills they are learning in school. Dr. Cannaday also outlined efforts underway to establish technical diplomas that would allow students to achieve a higher level diploma in career and technical education fields.

The Governor's $500,000 grant from the National Governor's Association to establish Career and Technical Academies was also discussed. Dr. Cannaday stressed the need to continue to promote career and technical education programs to provide the needed pipeline of technicians and technologists for the Commonwealth's high-tech industries.

Work Plan

Delegate Cosgrove concluded the meeting by outlining a final list of recommendations compiled by staff, which he requested be submitted to the members for further review and revision. The joint subcommittee will formulate a final draft list of recommendations that will be made available to the public on or about November 19, 2007.

Next Meeting

The joint subcommittee will hold its final meeting in late November to discuss possible recommendations for legislation by the 2008 General Assembly. Meeting information will be posted on the study website when available.

The Hon. John A. Cosgrove

For information, contact:
Nikki Seeds Cheuk, Patrick Cushing, DLS Staff


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