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Special Subcommittee to Study HB 1442

September 18, 2006

September 18, 2006 During the 2006 Regular Session, Delegate Tata, chairman of the House Committee on Education, appointed a special subcommittee to examine the issues relating to HB 1442, which requires one concentration in career and technical education in order to earn a standard diploma. Members are Delegates R. Steven Landes (chair), Charles W. Carrico, Sr., Phillip A. Hamilton, Jennifer L. McClellan, Melanie L. Rapp, and Robert Tata (ex officio). John Ledgerwood of the Advanced Technology Center, and Elizabeth Russell and Michelle Vucci of the Virginia Department of Education were also appointed to serve on the committee. There were several guest speakers invited to the meeting.

During the 2006 General Assembly Session, HB 1442 was discussed in two separate full committee meetings, where the main issues related to the usage of the word "concentration," the requirements to complete a standard diploma, and the necessity of the bill when students are not currently prohibited from obtaining a concentration in career and technical education when completing the standard diploma requirements.

HB 1442

Delegate Nutter, the bill’s patron explained that HB 1442 expands the requirements for earning a standard diploma to include a concentration in career and technical education. Currently, to fulfill the requirements for a standard diploma, a student must complete six electives. If HB 1442 became law, two of those six electives would be in career and technical education. The intention of the legislation is to increase workforce preparedness by strengthening career and technical education.

The Virginia Board of Education defines "concentration" in its Career and Technical Education Administrative Planning Guide as a "coherent sequence of courses completed by a student in a specific career area as identified in this planning guide." Most concentrations are achieved with the successful completion of two courses.


Johnny Cates - Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES), Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
Mr. Cates mentioned that Virginia is already being recognized as a leader in the career and technical education field, and that HB 1442 would strengthen that reputation. He also asserted that the requirement of two sequential course offerings in career and technical education would be positive for the economy.

Calvin Yarbrough - Vice-chair, Virginia Career Education Foundation
Mr. Yarbrough stressed that the bill is beneficial to the industry and as the workforce potentially increases the student is able to explore and earn money with the skills acquired.

Kathy Martin - Vice President, Human Resources, B.I. Chemicals
Ms. Martin, a human resources executive, informed the members that only 10 of every 200 applicants actually possess the skills to work in manufacturing. She noted the importance of students discovering the necessary skills in high school by exploring different options and sup-ported the patron's intent of the bill.

Dr. Brenda Long - Virginia Career and Technical Association
Dr. Brenda Long, a retired director of a career and technical education program, discussed that the bill earmarks two of the six electives required to earn a standard diploma so that the student may obtain a focused concentration.

Public Comment

During the public comment period, several interested parties raised issues about the bill, including whether or not the requirement would create a problem for limited English proficient students as many utilize their electives for English remediation. The members suggested that a definition of "concentration" should be added to the bill because currently it is only defined in the Administrative Planning Guide.

Work Plan

The members took no action, but rather requested the patron address the issues raised regarding the LEP (limited English proficiency) population, transfer students, and students who decide in their last year of high school to complete the requirements for a standard diploma rather than an advanced diploma. The subcommittee will discuss amendments to the legislation at its final meeting on October 23, 2006.

The Hon. Steven Landes

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