HJR 118/SJR 117: Commission on the Future of Virginia’s Environment

Biosolids Subcommittee

October 7, 2002

At its August 28, 2002, meeting, the Biosolids Subcommittee of the Commission on the Future of Virginia's Environment distributed draft legislation based on testimony from previous commission meetings and input from members. The draft was aimed at accomplishing the following:

  • creating standard complaint and investigation procedures;
  • providing flexibility to local governments to enact reasonable special site-specific conditions;
  • requiring proof of financial responsibility from biosolids contractors;
  • creating a program to train and certify applicators;
  • allowing localities to order abatement of application in cases of violations; and
  • requiring the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to review the National Research Council's (NRC) report and the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) response in evaluating its regulations.

After accepting written comments from the public for one month, the subcommittee reconvened to discuss the bill draft along with the public input. The subcommittee received written comments from 19 individuals and interest groups including biosolids contractors, citizens at large, environmental organizations, local government, state agencies and wastewater facilities. After a lengthy discussion that involved testimony from the audience, the chairman distributed a substitute bill drafted aimed at taking many of the public comments into account. The subcommittee endorsed the substitute and will present it to the full commission for consideration at the November 7, 2002, meeting.


The Hon. William T. Bolling

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