SJR 397/HJR 610

Joint Subcommittee Studying Creation of a Northern Virginia Transportation Authority

October 24, 2001, Fairfax County

The members of the joint subcommittee considered draft legislation to be recommended to the Governor and the 2002 Regular Session of the General Assembly. In the course of an extensive and far-ranging discussion, the panel took a series of votes on issues where unanimity could not be reached, thus providing staff with instructions for preparation of a final, complete draft of legislation establishing a Northern Virginia Transportation Authority and specifying its powers, duties, and organization. Staff was instructed to transmit the completed draft to the members within a week, so that they would be able to review it and be prepared for final consideration of the completed draft at the subcommittee's November 14 meeting.

The members then examined and discussed a second piece of draft legislation. This draft, which Delegate Rust explained was presented more "for illustrative purposes" than as a specific, concrete proposal, showed how the General Assembly, in legislative actions separate from those taken on the previously discussed "structure bill," might fund the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority through issuance of bonds supported by revenues derived from a regional sales tax imposed by the legislature, subject to a regional referendum. Since the draft of the "funding bill" had been presented for the purpose of illustration and discussion only, and not as a proposal to be recommended to the legislature and the Governor by the joint subcommittee, further discussion of this measure will not be on the panel's agenda at its next meeting.

The Honorable Warren E. Barry, Chairman
Legislative Services contact: Alan B. Wambold


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