SJR 91

Joint Subcommittee Studying Electric Utility Industry Restructuring

May 7, 1998, Richmond

The joint subcommittee met to hear reports and updates from legislative staff and the State Corporation Commission (SCC) and to formulate topical task forces and their work plans for the interim.


Legislative staff reviewed with the joint subcommittee legislation introduced during the 1998 session of the General Assembly dealing with electric industry restructuring. Several of these bills were carried over by the General Assembly and referred to the SJR 91 joint subcommittee for further study. Staff also provided an overview of the recently unveiled federal Comprehensive Electricity Competition Plan. Additionally, staff reviewed the work of the Taxation Task Force conducted during the 1997 interim.

The State Corporation Commission's general counsel briefed the joint subcommittee on ongoing work at the commission related to electric utility restructuring. These projects include preparation for upcoming rate cases with incumbent utilities as well as monitoring discussions taking place between incumbent utilities and others concerning the formation of an independent system operator.

1998 Work Plan

Finally, the joint subcommittee discussed the work plan and the formation of task forces designed to conduct in-depth and detailed working meetings throughout 1998. The chairman stressed the importance of these task forces and urged all interested parties to attend and participate in these meetings. Suggested issues for consideration were submitted to the joint subcommittee by legislative staff, the State Corporation Commission, and the Virginia Citizens Consumer Council.

The chairman encouraged the task forces to begin working as soon as possible, and upon adjournment of the joint subcommittee, each task force conducted an informal organizational meeting and scheduled a time and place for their first meeting.

The Honorable Jackson E. Reasor, Jr., Chairman
Legislative Services contact: Arlen K. Bolstad