Information About PDF Files


Some materials on this website are made available as Portable Document Format (PDF) files. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is necessary to view and print PDF files. This software is free and may be downloaded from the Adobe Acrobat website.

It may be necessary to open the files in the Reader separate from your browser window.

Large PDF files may take a long time to download over modem connections. If possible, make sure the modem connection is not set to disconnect after a certain number of minutes. (Some commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) set such a time limit, but in some instances the number of minutes can be changed by the user. Please contact your ISP for assistance if this appears to be a problem.)

If you encounter problems viewing PDFs, try checking the version number of your web browser and Acrobat Reader and download appropriate updates.

Links to Acrobat Reader 5.1 for Windows with Search and Accessibility. These versions of Acrobat Reader include support for screen readers (Accessibility) via the Microsoft Active Access API (MSAA).

Requests for electronic text versions of PDF documents on this site or further questions about using these PDF documents may be sent by e-mail to the webmaster.



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