Joint Subcommittee to Study and Revise Virginia's State Tax Code

HJR 60 (2002)
HJR 685/SJR 387 (2001)

Questions from August 6th Meeting

1. More detailed breakdown of taxes and their administrative costs from TAX, DMV, and ABC?

2. Comparison of state general fund revenue growth with local for the past 10 to 15 years?

3. Where are localities with regard to bonded indebtedness for the past 10 to 15 years?

4. What are the state's responsibilities for services and the localities' responsibilities for services?

5. What are the revenue losses resulting from the sales and use tax exemptions?

6. Which states are participating in the Streamlined Sales tax project and update on the project?

7. What new state and federal mandates have been placed on localities during the last decade and how much does each cost the localities?

8. Compare taxing authority of counties and cities (what taxes can each levy)?

9. Why are there different assessment periods for counties and cities based on population?

10. Which localities have the 6.5% meals tax rate?

11. How many other states dedicate non-fuels taxes to transportation?

12. What new funding (appropriations, grants, revenue mechanisms, etc.) has been distributed/allowed to localities from the state over the last 10 years?

13. How are the local tax revenues from the top five taxes used by localities (general fund or special funds)?


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